Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Saying Goodbye

After 18 months on the program I have decided to close my Weight Watchers account, at least for the time being.
I have been debating about this for some time now and to be honest with you the only reason I stayed with it for the past few months was the idea of reaching lifetime and not having to pay. That and the fact that I had lost almost 120 lbs while on the program- could I really quit just ten pounds from goal?
Apparently, yes I can. Because I am not quitting living a healthy lifestyle or quitting trying to lose those last ten pounds. I am just quitting Weight Watchers.
You are probably wondering why after doing so well on WW I would want to walk away from it. Well, there are multiple reasons that brought me to this decision. The first being money. Not that WW is a huge expense but I wasn’t using what I was paying for and it was wasteful.
I hadn’t been to a meeting in about a month and when I had been going previous to that I just wasn’t into it. I really liked my leader, this isn’t on her. I think the group just has a weird dynamic. I hear about people who love their meetings and they bond with members or receptionists or leaders and it’s this fantastic experience. I never had that. Actually, I was starting to become resentful at times because our staff was not great about awards/recognition and that kind of bothered me. But I don’t want to open that can of worms; I don’t want this to be a bitch-fest about my meetings.
Anywho, with Paul leaving and my budget being cut in half I needed to tighten my belt a bit. I just couldn’t justify the expense anymore. That is the main reason.
Another reason is that I don’t think I will be losing weight any time soon. I have read numerous articles/blog posts saying that you shouldn’t expect to lose weight while training for a marathon. Since I have started training 2 months ago I have maintained the same weight, give or take 2-3 pounds. Since the half marathon is in November and the full marathon is in February I don’t anticipate any big changes weight wise in the next 6 months.  And I am ok with that. Right now my priority is training and eating good, whole foods that will help me recover quickly and keep me healthy. That’s it. If I wake up on February 17, 2013 and I weigh 160 pounds I will be a happy camper. I don’t mind being ten pounds overweight if I am able to reach my goal of completing a marathon.
After the marathon…well we’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe I will go back to Weight Watchers maybe I won’t. I think this is the best decision for where I am right now. We’ll have to see what the future holds.
I don’t want you to think that my leaving WW means I don’t believe in the program. I do. It really helped me when I was first starting out. WW taught me portion control, moderation and accountability- three things I needed to be successful on this journey. I still have those tools in my toolbox though and will continue to utilize them throughout the next 6 months of training.
But for now I will say goodbye.
I leave thankful for the 118.2 pounds you helped me say goodbye to.
Thankful for the amazing friends I have met because of you.
Thankful to have this life I had only ever dreamed of.

“You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.”~ David Viscott