Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 10 Recap

Week 10 is over. Already! Crazy! Only 7 more weeks until the half marathon! I cannot believe it. I am beyond excited!
For those curious- here is a recap of week 10.
Tuesday 09/18/2012: Dani Ryan Holmes-Kirk Birthday 5K (virtual)

Because of some seriously out of place weather my scheduled run for Sunday morning (Dani’s Birthday [virtual] 5K) was postponed until Tuesday. This would be my first run since the move (RE: freaking tired muscles) and my first run through the new neighborhood. I didn’t have any expectations in mind just to have fun and not faceplant while running at 5a. Since I have already written about this run here I won’t re-hash the details. I will just say this- I love my neighborhood, I feel very safe running in the wee hours of the morning, there are other crazy peeps also running in the wee hours of the morning too, and since my weekday workouts used to take place on a track these hills (no one else anywhere in the country would call them hills) definitely had me feeling the burn. All in all I give this run a solid B.
Wednesday 09/19/2012: Interval A routine
5 minute warm up, 6X 1min fast/2min recovery, 5 minute cool down

Taking a cue from last week’s performance on this routine I decided to slow down my fast runs and try to job as much as possible through the recovery portion. I also jogged my warm up and cool down. I am pleased with the results. Since I was able to increase the amount of time I spent jogging my overall distance also increased; from 2.19 last week to 2.42 this week. Yay! Progress!
Thursday 09/20/2012: Tempo A routine
3 miles at a comfortably hard pace

For this run I decided reverse the route. Do you remember me saying how my running route was in the shape of a Y? Well, on Tuesday I ran up the straight bottom branch of the Y and then when I reached the intersection I went right. Going that way meant I ran on a flat surface and then once I turned right I went downhill. It’s a great way to begin the run but when I turned around to run back to head up the other branch it was all uphill. That was rough. These ‘hills’ will definitely take some getting used to.
So, for the tempo run I decided to reverse my route and go left at the intersection instead of right. I tackled the biggest incline first and then had a mile of downhill/flat which was nice. I did have to run uphill a bit coming back but it was nothing compared to the first incline. This route worked much better as you can tell from my times.
Saturday 09/22/2012: 7 mile long run
My last seven mile run took place back in week 4 on 08/11/2012. I ran it in 01:25:01.
Since I now had 6 more weeks of training under my belt I was hoping to see a decrease in the time. I didn’t have a number in my head other than something less than 85 minutes. Anything better than my previous time would have made me happy.

Well come Saturday I was beyond happy to see my end time of 01:19:10 for 7 miles. Happy for shaving 50 seconds per mile off my pace (12:09 vs 11:19) which to me is a nice little indication of the progress I am making. But also because I was able to pull out some solid times the last few miles of my run which was almost all uphill. See:

If it doesn't end up raining the latter part of this week, I will be doing my 8 mile run along this same trail. Actually almost every long run from here up to the marathon will more than likely be here since it is the longest paved trail in San Antonio.
All in all this last week was a great training week :)
Last week I said my only goals were to complete all four of my training runs (check), focus on the move- packing and unpacking (check) and make some meals at home (big honkin’ check) so I am pretty pleased with how this week went.
This week, now that we are somewhat settled, I have a few more goals:
-Complete all of my training runs:
·         3 mile easy run, Interval B routine (first time for this one- increasing intervals to 1.5 and 2.5 min), Hill B routine (also a first AND hopefully I will do this out on actual hills instead of the 'hills' on a treadmill) and an 8 mile long run
-At least 5 homemade dinners and all breakfasts/lunches during the week also homemade/not takeout
-Add my cross training back in; Sunday bike ride, Tuesday Thai Yoga therapy, and my nightly core routine
-Complete core routine every night; straight-arm plank, one minute crunches on balance ball, one minute leg raises, forearm plank, one minute crunches on balance ball, one minute leg raises
So, that’s about it. My plan for the week. Week 11. So crazy!
What’s on your agenda this week?