Friday, September 21, 2012

Do You Du???

In between my plan to run a half marathon, November 11, and a full marathon, February 17, I have snuck in plans for a duathlon on December 8. It’s nothing too crazy distance-wise. It’s nowhere close to IronMan distances which is a good thing. I am nowhere close to even thinking about an IM or even a half IM. The HelOfADu duathlon, 3.5 miles running/26 miles biking/3.5 miles running, is much more my speed.  
Not that I think that the HelOfADu is anything to scoff at. It is a big deal for me. A really big deal actually. This will be my first duathlon AND my first bike race. AND I will be doing it alone. The big ride is said to be a 26 mile loop with rolling hills and an almost 7 mile climb. 7 MILE CLIMB! What? Yikes!
Kind of wish Paul, or really anyone else, would be there with me. I may need someone to curse at during the 7 mile climb. Wowza!

Damn I look good ;)

Since I am trying to squeeze it in between my two big running events I can’t forget that I need to train for this as well. Now, from what I’ve read (RE: this is my first so obviously I am no expert) I should be training 3 times a week for each event. As far as the run goes I’ve totally got that covered with the training plan I already have in place. However, I will seriously need to beef up my cycling training.
Sadly, once I decided to train for the half my morning run/cross train schedule prohibited me logistically from riding in to work. I mean I could wake up at 3a so I can do both but I am not that crazy. 4a is plenty early enough for me. So now I am down to riding only 1-2 times a week at best. This makes me sad. But then I realize how soon I will start training for the duathlon and that makes me happy.
Starting the week of October 21st I will beef up my cycling training to three times a week; Sunday mornings and then two evenings during the week. Thankfully I already have a ride in place for Sundays and there are group rides throughout SA on a daily basis that I can join up with if I want some company. I am actually excited to add to my training schedule. Training gives me focus, gives me a goal, and gives me a distraction- all of which I will need for the next two years. Seriously, without this you would probably find me on my couch, eating junk, and watching non-stop Netflix –probably Felicity, I’ve been stuck in season 3 forever.
Not to say that I don’t love cycling and running, I totally do, but without goals and plans and hobbies I could easily end up an emotional basket case.
That is why I have these plans in place now. I am being proactive. My friends probably think I am crazy with my training plan in place for the Austin marathon (21 weeks away) and trying to figure out if Paul’s graduation from OCS will conflict with my longest pre-marathon run, and if it does conflict what should I do (obviously I am not talking about skipping his graduation) and a million other thoughts in my head but that’s just who I am. I am a planner.
No, wait.
I am an uber detail-oriented, over thinking, over preparing, planner.
This is why you will find me with a week’s worth of gel/blocks/bars in my camelback when I run. Not only do I prepare for the worst (being stranded for days in the woods, apparently) I am also prepared in case I come across a fellow runner who needs some fuel.
But I digress…my point…what was my point???...
Ah, yes. My point is that I’m doing a duathlon (YAY!), I have a training plan in place (double YAY!) and because I am neurotic-these two things make me happy.
So, come December 8th you’ll know where to find me.

My baby...

Have you ever participated in a duathlon or triathlon? Any training advice? What was your favorite part about the experience?
“Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”~ Lou Holtz