Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blog Giveaway: Reveal the Path

I was lucky enough to catch a screening of “Reveal the Path” at one of our local Alamo Drafthouse theaters back in June. Lucky because this movie has helped to change/shape my life since.

By looking at the cover of the DVD you might assume that this film is about cycling.
You would be somewhat correct. Yes, there are bikes but this film is not about cycling per se.
I like to tell people that it’s not a cycling film, it is a film about life that just happens to take place on a bike.
A more eloquent description can be found on the films website:
“Reveal the Path is a genre-defying adventure film that contemplates what it means to live an inspired life using the bicycle as a mechanism to explore, dream and discover.” 26Sep2012.<>
An inspired life- that is exactly what this film will push you towards.
You don’t have to be a cyclist to enjoy this movie. The only thing you need to be is open to the idea of adventure, finding your path and living an inspired life.
Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Well for one of my lucky readers inspiration will be yours. The winner will receive an autographed copy of Reveal the Path. Mike Dion, the Producer/Director (and one of the stars of the film), has autographed a Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack to be given away to one of my readers. How awesome is that?
Side note: Mike is one of the coolest people I have ever met. I am honored that he spoke to me directly in working to set up this giveaway. Very awesome! Thanks Mike!
So let’s get to the good stuff; the entry details.
There are seven easy ways to enter this contest; one required and six optional entries. Yes, you heard that right- I am giving you a total of 7 ways to enter so make sure you take advantage of that.
Mandatory Entry
1)      Watch the Reveal the Path trailer or visit the website and leave me a comment below telling me why you would like to win. This one is mandatory.
Optional Entries
2)      Follow @RevealThePath on Twitter and leave me a comment below telling me you’ve done so.
3)      Like Reveal the Path on Facebook and leave me a comment below telling me you’ve done so.
4)      Tweet something about this contest including a link to this post and mention @Run_Ride_Repeat and @RevealThePath. Leave me a comment below with the URL to your tweet
5)      Subscribe to Run. Ride. Repeat and leave me a comment telling me you’ve done so.
6)      Like Run. Ride. Repeat on Facebook and leave me a comment telling me you’ve done so.
7)      Follow @Run_Ride_Repeat on Twitter and leave me a comment below telling me you’ve done so.
Please leave a comment for each individual entry
Just to be clear there are seven ways to enter but you can only do each one once. Don’t leave me 50 comments as to why you would want to win. I will only count one of them.
Enter anytime between now and midnight CST Friday, October 5th, 2012. I will use a random number generator to select a winner and announce it here on my blog on that same day. Contest is open to U.S. and Canadian residents and deployed military as well. Please note that if you are selected as the winner you will need to send me your address (I will contact you directly) so I can ship you the movie. And I must also note that I did not receive any compensation for hosting this giveaway.
I am so excited to share this film with you; it is one of my favorites. I hope you are excited as well and help me spread the word.

Mike Dion, myself, and Paul after the Reveal the Path screening