About Me

Hello! Welcome to 'My Roots to Grow'!
This is my third blog and houses all the posts from my previous blog Run. Ride. Repeat. which ended 2/4/2014.
Since I started blogging, back in early 2011, I have been through many life changing events.
My first blog was started as a weight loss blog and housed all of my stories, trials, and tribulations as I fought to get healthy and take my life back. When I started blogging I weighed 286 pounds and felt pretty hopeless. That blog, and the community built because of it, helped change my life. It allowed me to become the person I always wanted to be; adventurous, active, free-spirited and filled with love for myself and others.

April 2011
My second blog was started once I reached a healthy weight and was no longer focused on weight loss mode. My life, my hobbies and activities, had changed so much from when I first started out that I felt it was time for a change on the blog front as well. Run. Ride. Repeat. focused mainly (at first at least) on running and cycling and other ways I kept active. I, of course, Incorporated posts that were weight loss related, especially towards the end when I had skin removal surgery, as it is/was a big part of who I am. Even though most days I wasn't focused on losing weight, I was still focused on healthy living so I shared that aspect as well.

August 2013- after my first triathlon
Going through a divorce, having plastic surgery (something I never thought I would do) at the encouragement of two physicians, moving, starting a doctorate program, and rediscovering the true me led me to want to change my blog theme again. This time the focus is more on me as a person; all of the pieces that come together to make me. I love being active and my health is a priority. I also love being a vegan,  a beer snob, a cyclist, a slow runner, a student, an analyst (my day job), a girlfriend, a daughter, a friend, a traveler, all of the things that make me me. And I love being here, in Pensacola. Where I finally feel I can put down roots.
This blog, born from the adage- 'roots to grow, wings to fly'- represents where all of these transformations have brought me. They brought me to a place where I can grow into the person I strive to be and at the same time allow me to be a dreamer, an adventurer, and an explorer. Thank you for being here and following along in my journey.
Love and hugs,

January 2014- Cheers!

Me in Shape Magazine...can you believe it??? Jan/Feb issue 2015