Friday, October 18, 2013

Surgery Part 2: I Still Don't Have an Answer

I still don’t have an update as to whether or not my insurance company will approve the request from the surgeon to cover the panniculectomy. I actually called today and the surgeon’s office is waiting on a letter to send off and so their request probably won’t even make it to my insurance until Monday or Tuesday. Eh, it’s ok. I was planning on it taking closer to 6 weeks to hear back so I am not too concerned…yet.

In the meantime, as I patiently sit here and twiddle my thumbs, I thought I should start documenting some before photos. My own before photos- the surgeon has plenty of me already- so I have record for comparison purposes, you know?

Side note: one of my biggest regrets is not having really documented the beginning of my weight loss very well. I don’t have any pics from 02/2011 (the furthest one back I have is from a few months later) nor did I take any measurements. Lesson learned. In the grand scheme of things this is quite inconsequential.

After the last post about the surgery (you can read it here) I received so much wonderful feedback. What can I say, you guys are awesome. And that made me incredibly happy.

And I have been told many times from friends and loved ones that I don’t need the surgery- and that is true…to an extent.

There is a clear medical need for this procedure which is why my current and previous primary care docs have been pushing for it.

I tell you that it is bad, the chaffing, the sores, but you don’t see that (you know, since I tend to wear clothes while out in public) so it’s hard to understand.

So today I decided I would share with you some of what will probably become ‘before’ pics so you can get a better idea what I am dealing with.

Full disclosure- if you don’t want to see what someone who has lost nearly 130 pounds looks like practically nude I would close your browser now.

And please understand that it is hard for me to post something like this. It makes me vulnerable. Most people (99.9%) have never seen this part of my weight loss. But I wanted to share. Because it is a part of me. Just like all the other random shit I write about. I hope you understand.



Happy Friday wonderful people! <3