Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Recap and October Goals..

September has come and gone.


I know, right? Can you believe it is October 1st? I certainly can’t.

Today Paul and I were discussing Christmas savings and shopping.


Anywho, I had set some goals for September so I thought I should put together a recap of the results as well as set some goals for October. I am sure you are all curious how this past month went for me (I could tell you were waiting with bated breath for the results J ) and let me just tell you – I killed it. September was a month full of tracking (every single day!), activity, and lots of really great adventures. This past month, everything just kind of fell into place and it was awesome. Yeah, of course there were some rough spots and not every day was easy but I felt more in control and on track than I have in a while and that was a really good thing.

My September goals were as follows:

·         Get down to (or at least work towards) 165 lbs.

·         Average 10,000 steps a day/ 300,000 steps for the month

·         Feel comfortable in my size 6 work pants

·         Create a weekly workout/activity plan and stick to it

·         Try out one new recipe a week

On September 1st, I weighed 171.0 pounds. Today (and yesterday too) I weighed 162.2 pounds. Yeah, I thought 165 lbs. was pretty much a stretch goal so I was beyond floored when I spent the last two weeks of September under 165. Even better than the number itself was getting back to a weight where I feel comfortable in my skin and in my clothes. Big yay there!

My fitbit stats for the month were 436,678 steps (approximately 192 miles, in case you were curious) and an average of 14,556 steps a day. I am super excited that I exceeded this goal by almost 50%. This daily/monthly step goal keeps me moving and I love it. I feel so much better when I can get in more walking throughout the day.

Not only did I lose pounds this month I lost inches as well. 1.5” off my waist (31” to 29.5”), 1” off my hips (41” to 40”) and 1” off my thighs (24” to 23”) so yes- my work pants fit great. Actually, they are back to being too big. Last week I even wore size 6 jeans (which have been too tight on my thighs) and was pretty floored by how much my body changed over the month.

Each Sunday I created a workout/activity plan for the week. For the most part, I stuck to it. Yeah, I moved things around and there were a few times where I opted to be social instead of being active but for the most part I stuck to the plan. I would say 85% of the time. And you know what, that’s good enough for me.

I definitely did a good job with the new recipe goal. I tried out all sorts of new recipes; chickpea sloppy joes, quinoa chili, quinoa and steel cut oats, quinoa and black bean burgers (yeah, I eat a lot of quinoa…lol) and baked tempeh to name a few. This month was filled with good eats.

So for October I am going to try and keep with the same theme for goals:

·         Get down to (or at least actively work towards) 158 pounds. No real reason for this number other than it is about a 1 pound loss per week which seems like a reasonable goal.

·         Track every day! I think I am an old pro when it comes to meal plans so this month I am focusing on tracking every day- the good, the bad and the ugly :)

·         Hit 10,000 steps a day, every day and total 200 miles for the month!

·         Don’t drink more than twice a week. I love craft beer and couldn’t imagine a life without it but beer is just empty calories so I would like to try and limit my drinking to twice a week which for the most part I do. BUT I am going to NOLA next week…that will be my test :)

·         Yoga/Pilates Barre/Boot Camp – 15 classes in total. These are my three favorite things right now so my goal is to get in 15 classes throughout the month. Especially the Barre classes. I have been out of practice for the past month and on Saturday I went back in for a class. It was nice. Felt like home.

What do you think? These seem like realistic goals, right? Do you have any goals for October?