Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Running Box

This morning I hurt my leg while running. Well, actually it is my hip. But I don’t want to talk about that. I am pretty sure that what is wrong is completely fixable and that after my Thai Yoga therapy session this afternoon I will be back up and running, literally J
Instead, I want to talk about my running box. My storage box for all my running ‘essentials’
When I first started running I swore I wouldn’t turn into this person. I wanted to be a minimalistic runner, just the basics only. I didn’t want all the gear or gadgets. I just wanted to run.
Yeah, that totally didn’t happen. Well, maybe at first it did but then the more I got into running the more things I wanted/needed and now I have a box dedicated solely to running items.  
Are you curious as to what is in my running box? Well here is a picture.

This is everything I am currently NOT using. Some of this is Paul’s that I claimed ownership of once he left. Don’t judge, you’d do the same wouldn’t you?
-Reflective sleeves (too hot still to wear)
-Spibelt, a gel holder/bib holder belt, and a pouch I can add onto either
-Sleeve for my handheld Camelback
-Gloves (neon yellow gloves to boot) as seen below. Definitely the sexiest picture of me ever taken ;)

-Hats and a neck gator
-Headsweats head bands (2)
-Compression sleeves (2 pair)
-Paul’s Garmin (and its accompanying chest strap) and both of our chargers
-Ankle strap for my Road ID (in case I don’t want to wear it as a bracelet)
What’s missing from the box are the items I use daily; my Garmin, RoadID bracelet, reflective ankle bands and reflective belt (because I run in the dark ), Road ID hat (also reflective), and my Osprey (like a Camelback) I use on my long runs.
Oh, and my ProStretch I use to stretch my Achilles after I run.

It doesn’t just end with the running box. This habit hobby has taken over my closet.
Over the past few months I’ve also accumulated quite the stockpile of tech shirts, sports bras, and running shoes/sandals. I actually need new work clothes but yet any money I save seems to go to running gear, race fees and such.
And this hobby has taken over my calendar, too. My life is planned around my runs and races.
Why, yes- I am planning on running the Philadelphia marathon in November….of 2013.
Yep, I think its official now, I’m obsessed.  
But there are worse things to be addicted to, right?

Do you have a running box? How do you keep all of your essentials organized? Are you hooked on running?
"Every day is a good day when you run." ~Kevin Nelson