Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tip of the Week

I read this today and just had to share. It was emailed out at work to those participating in a weight loss challenge. It was sent to us from United Healthcare. I wasn’t quite sure how to cite a flyer I received in an email but I figured I somehow needed to disclose that this was written and published by someone else (United Healthcare) and not by me.
However, this tip resonated with me so much because the issues it is discussing have been issues that keep popping up in my mind lately.
So, without further ado- here is the tip of the week from United Healthcare:
Tip of the week
Find support
As you reach for your goals, you may find that you are changing many of your current behaviors. These lifestyle changes may affect those around you. Some may be more supportive than others. For instance, some families may support your decisions but not want to change themselves.
Think about who you rely on for support — family members, friends, co-workers, others? Are they supportive of your new lifestyle changes? It can be more difficult to change without a strong support system. Find a good support system and let others know how they can support your healthy lifestyle.
Ways to help me eat healthy and move more
·         Choose and eat healthy foods with me
·         Go for a walk with me or ask me to do other physical activities with you
·         Don’t tempt me with less healthy foods as a reward or gift
·         Plan social events around being active
·         Don’t offer me second helpings
·         Encourage me to cook or try new foods
·         Help me with my other responsibilities so I can prepare healthy foods and be more active
·         Encourage me to go for a walk when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed
·         Praise my efforts to change
Wow! I think this is spot on. Support is key to success. This is why so many of us have found success through Weight Watchers, right? I know I am not the only one who thinks that they need, and rely on having, a solid support system because I have talked to so many other who feel the same way.
But what happens when you change and the people in your life don’t want to/need to/care to? How do you maintain relationships that were built on a entirely different foundation? How do you balance your new needs with the needs of others when they may be conflicting needs?
I don’t have all the answers. I have let some of my closer relationships fall to the wayside because I couldn’t figure this out. I wish I knew how to please everyone but I am not sure you can. Can you?
On a more upbeat note I love this one bullet point in particular:
·         Plan social events around being active
This is one of my favorite things to do. It’s not always easy to come up with fun ideas but the effort is always worth it.
And on that note, I am off to try to plan a fun activity night. Maybe another girls night out roller skating. J