Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 4: My Favorite Health and Fitness Apps

Today is Day 4 of the March Healthy Living/Fitness BloggerBlogging Challenge and look, I am actually getting my post up on the same day! Woo hoo! That is nothing short of a miracle, if you ask me ;)

Today’s topic is ‘What are Your Favourite Fitness Apps?’

I have a handful of fitness apps on my iPhone but honestly, I don’t use most of them. It kind of fluctuates which ones I use and when based off of what I am doing in my daily life.
I would say out of all of my apps the only one I use regularly is the Fitbit app. For the most part, as long as I remember to charge my fitbit, I use this one daily.  I like tracking my steps, especially since I work a desk job, and this tool (the fitbit itself and the app) helps me keep on top of it.

Other apps I like:

MyFitnessPal- I should probably log my food daily but since I really try to eat intuitively I am not super concerned with doing this daily. I do like the app though and love seeing all of my friend’s progress.

Strava- I have both the cycling and running app. This is my favorite app for cycling. I love the features plus I found it doesn’t drain my phone battery as quickly as some other cycling apps do too. After trying out a bazillion running apps I found that I like the Strava running one best. But sometimes I use….

Runkeeper- I like this one too. Mainly for the same reason as MFP- so many friends use Runkeeper. But, I rarely do. I rarely track my running anymore, regardless, since I run naked. No, not naked in the literal sense but naked meaning no tracking devices. I stopped running with a Garmin or an app almost a year ago and I just find it so much more enjoyable.

BUT- I will use the Road ID app if I go out on the trails or someplace off the beaten path. Because safety is my priority and someone should really know where I am. You know, just in case. I highly recommend outdoor runner (and cyclists) download this app- especially if you run/ride alone. It could save your life. I also run/ride with my Road ID bracelet too. You can never be too safe.

iRideInside- this is my favorite app for when I use my spin bike. It is instructor led spin workouts with video and voice commands (and you can use your own music too which I love) because honestly, if I was alone on a spin bike it would be hard for me to come up with a great workout. I love this app and use it every single time I am on my spin bike.

C25K Free- this is the app I used when I first started running and training for my first 5K. I liked it enough that I use it now as I work on getting back into running since the surgery. I mainly use it when I am at the gym, on the treadmill, but sometimes I use it on the track too. When E and I run together he follows along as well and has even downloaded the app so he can use it when he runs on the treadmill. There are tons of free Couch to 5K apps out there but for whatever reason this is the one I picked back in 2012 and so this is the one I am using now.

That’s really about it as far as fitness apps go. I am really not too great about using apps in general. I use FB all the time but anymore I am barely on Twitter, G+ or IG let alone my fitness apps. I should probably try to use them more as they do serve as a really great tool. I forget that sometimes.

What fitness apps do you use? Any awesome ones you can’t live without that you think I should start using?

Love and hugs,