Saturday, March 1, 2014

Some Days

I'm writing this on my phone while nestled under the blankets on my hotel room bed. I am in Houston for the weekend. One of my bestest friends, Monica, from San Antonio graciously drove up here to spend the weekend doing girl stuff with me. Yesterday we hit the outlets in Cypress and I basically bought a, very much needed, new wardrobe. I packed an empty dufflebag (just like I did for Fitbloggin last year) and it is already full. In my defense, it's not a very big dufflebag but it really is stuffed to the brim with new clothes ;)

E told me it looks like there is a body in there. Trust me, no body. Just a crap ton of clothes and a pair of red chucks :)

Anywho, as I spent my evening lounging in pjs, talking hockey and watching the Tonight Show with Monica it really hit me just how lucky I am to have this opportunity to be here. And by here I mean, Houston spending time with my friend I haven't seen in over a year. I'm very lucky on this account.

You see, some days I get really sad because I have yet to make a really good girl friend in Pensacola. It's been over a year since I moved there and I still haven't found anyone to be my FL Monica or Jaime or any of my other amazing friends I've made throughout life. Yes, I have E and he is a great friend but he is a boy and boys stink at certain situations. There are definitely times where I just need a girlfriend's help/wisdom/comraderie. 

It is nice that I do have places like FB and twitter where I can catch up on (stalk) the happenings of my friend's lives all over the country and am able to still feel connected. That's awesome. But it's just not the same. It's close, but not quite.

And I think, as I get older, making new friends gets harder mainly because I don't have kids. Most people my age do. And although having children is an amazing blessing it certainly changes the dynamic of your life. I'm not saying I wouldn't/couldn't be friends with someone with kids- my BFF has a son and I still love her ;) - but it makes it hard to form a tight bond with someone when their free time is quite limited. Especially for a new friend.

Sorry, I don't mean this to sound like a 'poor Dacia pity post', I don't. It's just that some days I really feel the void of lacking girlfriend friendship in Pensacola. And I feel so many people can probably relate to this, especially those like me that move around the country frequently. 

But most days. Well most days I am flooded with gratitude for the amazing people already in my life. Being able to take trips to Houston or Philly or New Orleans to visit them. To be able to see 'mah people' at Fitbloggin. To be able to connect to others through social media and blogging. To have an amazing community that I am so fortunate to be a part of. It's beyond awesome. And I know this. 

But yeah, some days (because I am a human being and not a robot) I miss the in person companionship I have had in other cities I've lived in. 

I keep telling myself that it took 7 months before I met Monica in San Antonio so maybe some day soon I will find my Pensacola BFF. 

And if you're local you should know I am accepting applications in case you are interested. It's an easy process; a few interviews, background check, government security clearance. You know pretty standard friend application stuff ;) 

I hope you all are having an amazing weekend. 

I promise I am spending more time being grateful for the two days I get to spend with Monica versus being sad over the months apart until the next time we see each other.

Love and hugs,