Saturday, March 8, 2014

What the Word Strong Means to Me

Here is my post for Day 3 of the March Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Blogging Challenge. The topic is 'What does the word strong mean to you?' 

To me, this word has many meanings.

Strong, as in potent. Like 'damn, this coffee is strong'.

Strong, in the sense that someone can lift heavy things (or at least easily open lids on jars) without much effort.

Strong, in the sense that a person has endured much but still continues on. 

Strong, as in durable

...I think you get my point 

But really when I think of this word and what it means to me it really has to be in regards to the fighter in all of us. Life is tough. We all go through shit pretty regularly. Yet we all keep going, keep fighting, keep marching forward. Because we are all strong. 

While writing this I think about some of the people in my life who have endured some major hardships or survived through some pretty difficult circumstances; raising children alone while your spouse is deployed or losing your business or losing someone close to you. These are some pretty big trials and tribulations. But I know the people who live these lives and they are the strongest people I know. 

And none of them complain.

And any of them would put your needs ahead of theirs to help you out.

Now that, my friends, is strong. 

And those people are my daily inspiration. 

Those people show me the best this world has to offer. 

Courage under fire all with a warm smile and a loving heart- that is what strength means to me. 

And I am lucky to see this every day.

Love and super strong bear hugs,