Friday, June 19, 2015

A Little Friday Rant...

Here’s what I think…

I don’t like the phrase ‘real women’ because it makes me wonder where all the ‘fake women’ are. Are you a human? Yes. Are you a female human? Yes. Well, then guess what? You are a real woman. Now I know that it is used most of the time in place of saying a non-professional model (like ‘this ad campaign uses real women’) or to say that the body types presented are a better reflection of the mix of what we see in our everyday life. I get that. But semantically speaking- aren’t the models real women too? Let’s not hate on them just because their profession and their body is different than ours. That’s silly.

I also don’t like the terms ‘bad food’ or ‘cheat food’ or any other phrase that gives food power. Food has one main job- to keep us alive. Food also has secondary jobs –like bringing us enjoyment. Regardless of what you are eating something good is coming from it. Yes, there are more indulgent foods than others. And yes, maybe I do need to limit how often or how frequently I can eat something because of its effects on my body. However, I don’t want to feel guilty or ashamed or embarrassed ever about the food choices I make. It is just food people. It is simple and easy and, ultimately, powerless over us.

I don’t like the fact that ‘common sense’ is not so common anymore when it comes to healthy living. I love that there is a whole movement now centered around what should be/used to be common sense - ‘what you can,when you can’ - but the diet industry has overwhelmed us for decades with how to lose weight (fad after fad, quick fix after quick fix) and has pretty much brainwashed us to think otherwise. An industry that profits off of our failures (meaning unsuccessful weight loss/maintenance attempts) is not an industry I want to have anything to do with. However, it is all we know. Personally, it has been in my face through TV ads, magazines, social media- you name it- my entire life. Someone, somewhere is telling me that they have a better plan for me and guess what? It does NOT involve recognizing my personal needs, wants, limitations and it does NOT allow for real-life, long term sustainability. We need to create a mental shift away from this and move towards a healthier focus on sustainable habits.

And lately I really don’t like the scale. Not because of the number it reads when I step on it, but because I care. I don’t like living my life feeling like my worth is being measured in pounds, or the lack thereof. I know that I am the only one making me feel this way however, it does not help that in the weight loss world people focus first (and sometimes only) on how much you lost (and how quickly) and how much of that loss is maintained. I get it. Numbers are easy. But fuck, they should never be an indication of our worth or success or failure or anything like that. If I step on the scale and gained, so be it. If I step on the scale and have lost, so be it. If I chose to not give a crap about that number any more, well that’s ok too. Honestly, for me, that number is the hardest part of the process. It’s like my judgement stick, it is my personal benchmark. But I don’t want it to be. I want my life to be measured in moments and memories and laughs and snuggles and not inches and pounds. Again, this is all me. So today I am telling myself…just let it go. Let go of that number and move on. It is time to focus on the bigger picture, and that number does not play any part in it.

This sums is up perfectly...

Image from C'est La Vie 

Anyway, sorry for the brain dump. Some days….well, some days I just have a lot of random shit on my mind. LOL.

Happy Friday!

Love and hugs,