Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Life is Good

I am in a really good place right now. My mind, although not free of clutter, is settling into my new routine happily. My headspace is getting happier, calmer. Life is good.

Don’t jinx yourself dummy…goes to find some wood to knock on.

Although life is chaotic as usual (did I tell you I have a comprehensive exam/paper due next week that I must totally kick ass on in order to degree complete? And that I haven’t started it yet? In my defense yesterday was the first day I could have worked on it) I am learning, finally after decades of this shit, how to calm my monkey mind.

Right now I have so many positive influences in my life helping me to better take care of myself. Erick focuses and grounds me when I start to freak the eff out about whatever stressor of the day- usually school, but sometimes work. He has really taught me a lot about my personal strengths and how to utilize them. He has also taught me that I stress over things for really no reason. I mean, the paper is due. That’s just a fact of life. I will get it done. I always do. I have a freaking 3.96 (thanks to two stinking A minuses during my divorce)- I know what I am doing. I need to chill. It will get finished whether I stress over it or not so why stress, right? Simple idea but yet one that has eluded me my entire life. BUT I am getting better at it. Did you see I took a beach break in the middle of writing my midterm paper? Now that is progress my friends.

Anna has been helping me lately, too. She has been my workout buddy for a few months now and as of last week (two weeks ago?) we are back into a regular gym routine. She is a huge driving force in my life. Not only does she keep me in check on our gym days but we also try to take one walk a day during our work day. I love that she also understands the importance of staying active, even through less than ideal circumstances. She has a baby, and a dog, and a husband, and CHICKENS, and a stressful job but she still finds a way. Oh, and she is my matron of honor and humors me by listening to more wedding talk than probably necessary. Having her as a friend has really added so much happiness to my life in Pensacola.

Yoga. What more do I need to say. I knew it was what I needed- to reconnect with my mat. Me feet grounded firmly on the earth my heart and head pointed to the heavens. It has brought me so much calm and joy and I am so happy to have a practice back into my routine. Now, since they just opened the new studio and I just signed up for the monthly pass I am still in the process of finding which classes I love AND fit in my schedule AND work around E’s schedule. So far I think I am settled into Monday hot yoga with Sam (although Divine Balance is a close second) and maybe some weeks I will do back to back with her and stay for acroyoga. That is more a timing issue than anything-being able to stay for two classes. I also love Sunset Flow on Tuesdays (which I am headed to shortly) but starting next week E and I will be participating in a cornhole (bean bag toss) league and the games conflict with yoga so for the next two months I will be choosing cornhole (and beers) over yoga on Tuesdays. I have also started taking a Wednesday lunch time yoga class at the gym at the university but that looks like the last summer session is next week. So…I will be back to the drawing board trying to find a couple more classes.

For now, I am going to keep on enjoying every day and the blessings it brings me. Next week is Denver and Fitbloggin' and I am beyond excited. I am on periscope now (follow me through my Twitter @MyRootToGrow) and I plan on posting a ton of videos from FB. Maybe someone will even persiscope the session I am leading with Thea and Heather. That would be AWESOME.

Until then….

Love and hugs,