Thursday, June 4, 2015


I love running, it is one of my favorite activities. But believe it or not, it isn’t the only thing I love to do. I know at times it seems like I am all running all the time, especially after surgery and training up for a half, then running back to backs halfs, then Ragnar it probably seemed that way. But honestly, if I lived in a more bike friendly area- I would be cycling every day and running only on occasion. I also love, love, love group fitness classes. I spent the first couple years of my journey taking every class I could find/afford before I even thought about running. There is something special about the camaraderie to be found in group fitness- whether it’s boxing or yoga, it’s there and it’s awesome.

After Ragnar I was all set to start PiYO. E bought me the DVD set for Christmas and I was just waiting to be out of HM/Ragnar training mode before I started it. I wanted to be able to dedicate myself to the program- following its 6 day a week for 8 weeks schedule. So a few weeks ago I started it and guess what??? I really did not like it. Maybe it’s because I dislike straining my neck as I look up from the floor to the TV to see what is happening. Maybe it’s because I felt it was boring and it did not grab my attention or raise my energy like T25 or Combat did.  I am not sure but I knew I wasn’t going to make it the 8 weeks. I hated to quit PiYo but it felt inevitable. Instead I opted to start back at real yoga classes taking advantage of a great deal one of our local studios was offering for May and bought a month of unlimited classes pass. And so it began…

One of the reasons I love yoga is that it helps me feel centered and calm. It brings me closer to a zen-like state and I like that. Heck, I need that. With all the running (literal and figurative) around I do, I need something to balance out the chaos. My life, most days, is almost all yang with very little yin. And that takes its toll on me- mentally, spiritually and physically. It’s only been a week back into my practice and I have already noticed a huge difference in my mood and my anxiety. I was super stressed all the time before. I would stress over any little thing so easily. It was eating away at me. And as much as I love running it does not have a calming effect on me. It is the opposite. To me, running is aggressive and impactful and although it is awesome, it is not my calming, happy place. It is my I am empowered and awesome and doing all the things and I just want to run and run and run but it is not my zen.

And like I said, I need some more zen in my life. And E, well he needs me to have more zen in my life too!

This go around, when half marathon training begins later in the summer, I need to make sure I do a better job at balancing both. My goals need to be both running AND yoga related. I need to do better with my activity balance, remind me I said this in a couple months ok?

Until then, I am just going to enjoy trying out a new studio and sampling any/every class that works into my schedule and, of course, treat each like the gift it is. The gift that can bring me inner peace if I allow it. That right there is priceless.

All the yoga memes FTW!

Yes, a million times yes! 

Just kidding! I drink beer in my yoga pants. 

Love and hugs,