Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yada Yada Yada....

In the world of blogging/social media (especially in the weight loss/maintenance realm) radio silence tends to be a bad sign. Sometimes it’s an indication that the person is going through some hard times and isn’t wanting (for numerous reasons) to share. I had some bouts of radio silence during the divorce but they probably weren’t noticeable because I am a self-proclaimed terrible (or at least terribly inconsistent) blogger. For the most part my blog really is my journal but most days I am just uninspired (or too over committed) to write. I have no sponsors to keep happy (which is a good thing) and no groups/challenges to keep up with. At this point in time, no one (myself included) is expecting regular posts from me. And honestly, that is how it needs to be. Remember a few weeks ago when I was on a blogging-spree and posted daily? I talked about goals and priorities here and one thing that is true about my life and my relationship to this blog is it is low on my list of priorities…because it can be. School and work and my relationships can’t. But this blog, it will still be here whether I write in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. My readers (all 6 of you) might not be but the blog will still stand. It is a comforting? (not sure that is the best way to describe it) feeling that in turn allows me to push it to the back burner whenever I need to. 

Not because I am going through rough times.

But because I am just busy/lazy/uninspired/boring. Some days I have things to say but no time to write but mostly I don’t have much to say regardless of time. The upside of having an unstructured blog (re: I am not a food blogger that schedules recipe posts daily or a sponsored blogger required to write about product reviews or even- as I was in the past- a weight loss blogger using the space for accountability and check ins) is that it leaves me with a blank slate and no obligations or commitments. But that's not necessarily a good thing.

That being said, I should do better at checking and keeping you abreast of the happenings in my life. So, what have I been up to you ask….

I bought a wedding dress on Saturday and I am in love with it. I am super happy because it is a dress that is just ‘me’ and will be a perfect fit for the wedding. It is light and airy and easy to move in (perfect for dancing) and it also makes me feel like a bride. It’s absolutely beautiful.  And in case you are curious we are 199 days away from the big ‘I Do’!

Post dress shopping shenanigans with my MoH  

We did some major yard work on Sunday pulling up a bajillion vines and cutting down tons of overgrowth. It was a big undertaking. We worked from 930-545 with only a couple breaks. It was exhausting but the end result was amazing. We had lost at least a third of our backyard that was unusable because of that growth and now we will be able to plant a citrus tree, build a flower garden (to help attract bees) and hang a hammock. I am super excited to work on the next phase of that area in a few weeks. I also planted my first spring garden and in mid-April I will plant garden 2. I am really hoping for another successful growing season.

I ran my 8th half marathon on 3/21- I think I forgot to mention that. There were definitely things about the race course that I didn’t love and it is probably one I would skip next year. But it did have some high points. With a few miles left I made a friend along the course and that was pretty awesome. We helped each other get across the finish line with a smile on our face after a very hot and sunny race. I also got to see some of my friends (and E of course) as I came across the finish and that was really nice. No Gordie though, he had just had surgery a couple days before and was not able to spectate. Thankfully I will be seeing him for the next few races I have on the docket before we head to Boston in May. I love seeing E and Gordie when I am out on the course and at the finish. <3 My boys!

That was a rough week or so for all of us but Gordie definitely had it the worst...

March 21st and I already have a farmer's tan...yay Florida!  

There was a bacon station along the course which was clever and a bit dangerous (bacon is slippery yo!) 

Number 8 in the books!

Boot camp is going well. We are a little over a third of the way through. Each session I am challenged in new and fun (painfully fun) ways and I am not gonna lie. I feel like kind of a badass after each session. It’s great working with Chris (who was my personal trainer for a big portion of last year) again – he definitely knows how to kick your butt without crippling you which is pretty awesome. I am hoping he hosts another session during the summer because the cost compared to the cost of PT sessions just can’t be beat.

Other than that, I am just really excited for everything coming up in the next month or so. Holidays and time with family- both mine and E’s, half marathons (3 to be exact) plus a 10K with my friend A, RAGNAR in Cape Cod (check out our FB page), a trip to Atlanta, and graduation. En route to my doctorate I was able to earn (soon to earn) my Education Specialist degree (it’s somewhere between a master’s and a doctorate) and I will be graduating on May 2nd. My parents are flying in for the ceremony and after we are having family and friends over for a graduation/engagement party. It will be a big celebration and I am just so excited. And in case you were curious…I still have two more years of course work before I begin my dissertation so probably 4 years+ before I finish my doctorate and the rename this blog 'My Dr. Root's to Grow' or something funnier/more clever ;)

Until next time, stay classy my friends!

Love and hugs,