Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Favorite March 17th Recipe

Although I won't be able to make this recipe until the weekend I still wanted to share with you my favorite St. Patrick's Day recipe- Colcannon.

According to Wikipedia Colcannon is "a traditional Irish dish mainly consisting of mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage" 

My friend V bought me the Happy Herbivore Abroad cookbook just over two years ago (I remember exactly when because she gave it to me on my last trip to Austin before I moved to Pensacola) and it has become one of my favorites. In it is a vegan recipe for Colcannon that is both super easy and super delicious. I have made it with cabbage and with kale and I am honestly not sure which I prefer...maybe the kale. Either way, this dish is fantastic. 

If you don't have anything on your St. Patrick's Day menu I suggest you try this one out!

Here is a link to an adaptation of the HHA recipe: LINK

Feel free to go the kale route or you can add in some browned cabbage and onions in lieu of the kale OR you can go really crazy and do a kale and cabbage mix. Why not?

P.S. - a quick Pinterest search will not only find you a billion traditional colcannon recipes you can also find an assortment of non-traditional ones like some using cauliflower instead of potatoes

P.P.S.- leftover colcannon makes great potato pancakes :)

Happy eatings!

Love and hugs,