Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Not Start Tomorrow???

I am not really sure what is going on lately but whatever it is, it's not working.  I think the tiny dictator in my head is getting lazy. Even though I have been kicking ass at the gym (meeting with my trainer twice a week and running) and doing T25 in the mornings I am still struggling with seeing much downward movement on the scale. I know its time for a little tough love and a reality check that maybe everything I am doing isn't enough.

Enter Brooke and her 'Goal Digger' four week personal challenge/goal setting plan thingy.

I saw her ideas and thought that it was probably something I needed to get on board with too. And since it's never too soon to start I thought why not tomorrow? Even though it's the middle of the month and kind of the middle of week why not?

Tonight I set printed out the downloadable tracker and filled it with my goals for the next four weeks and am here now to tell you in order to help keep myself accountable. You have my permission to call me out if I need it. 

In total I set 10 goals for this month; 4 daily goals, 4 weekly goals, and two monthly goals. I tried to keep my focus on diet and exercise and attempted to make these goals measurable so I can't BS my way around them. This is what I came up with:


  • 8,000 steps per day minimum 
  • Stick the meal plan for the day
  • Track (I suck at this...really need to focus on getting better with this one)
  • Be active every day (minimum 25 minutes)


  • Drinkend only (totally stole this term from Brooke, drink only on the weekends)
  • Run three times a week (half marathon training officially begins August 18- I need a better base)
  • Max meals out of 4 (that's 20%)
  • Only weigh myself once a week on Friday (because sometimes it does more harm than good)

  • Two active adventures 
  • Two bike rides (I need to start riding outdoors again, something that I have done very little of since moving to Pensacola)
Oh, and the best part- there is a reward at the end of the 4 weeks if I meet my goals. I am aiming for at least 80% but closer to 100% would be awesome. My choice of a reward- a new dress from Anthropologie. E and I will be in NOLA the end of August so if I meet my goals I will be making a detour to the store there to pick something out :) 

My goal tracker covered in my chicken scratch ;)

Now, it's time for bed. I have T25 in the morning and a run at the track after work and I need my beauty sleep.

Love and hugs,