Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm Not Afraid of Failure

I’m not afraid of failure.  

Let me explain why…

About 4 years ago my employer was one of the sponsors for a 5K in with proceeds raised set to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. A bunch of my co-workers were going to be participating and I was encouraged to join them. I knew Paul (my ex-husband) would want to participate as well since he was big into running and in the military. So I signed up but made sure everyone knew I would be walking, just out there to support the cause and have fun with some friends.

This was my first official 5K.

I was close to 300 pounds at the time.

And…I finished last.

And guess what???? No one boo’d me. The crowds didn’t throw stuff at me or (possibly worse) even laugh at me. I wasn’t punished because I came in last. Seriously, there is no secret torture chamber for those who finish last. Trust me.

I finished, people applauded, the announcer called my name and that was that.

And I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed. Or at least looking back on it I don’t remember ever feeling that way.

Actually finishing last was really no big deal. I didn’t treat it like it should have been and neither did anyone else. I crossed the finish line, walked over to grab a banana and some water, and talk to my friends…some of which finished in the top 3 overall. I was proud of them.

But I was also proud of me. I could have stayed home that Saturday morning. No one forced me to be there or participate. But I did it anyway. Even at my size, even during a point of time where weight loss and being active were the furthest things from my mind. I still did it.

I like to think back on that day whenever I am trying new things or setting new goals or coming up with crazy ideas that scare me as a reminder...

I think about how my life has been limited in the past because of my fear of failure and how unnecessary it was for me to let that emotion dictate my actions.

I think back on that 5K and am thankful for the chance to see what “failure” felt and looked like and how much it changed my life – for the positive.

I think back to how much I have learned and grown and changed and adapted and thrived because I have failed.

Failure is not something to be afraid of.

On the contrary, failure is necessary to truly live life.
Thanks google for this awesome quote!

This, my friends, is why I say that I am not afraid of failure.

But there is something I am afraid of (it scares me to my core) but that is a post for another time…

Until then, keep being awesome and never let the fear of failure (whatever you define it as) stop you from kicking ass in this life!

Love and hugs,