Monday, July 7, 2014

FMM: July 4th Weekend

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1.       Did you grill food this weekend? If so, what?

Personally, no. I cooked some veggie burgers inside, on the stovetop. But the people I spent the holiday with did grill up hot dogs and hamburgers.

2.       Did you go to a parade?

Nope. No parade. Not sure if there was one where I was. I am guessing there probably was.

3.       Fireworks? Did you go to a display or have your own fireworks?

We did both and it was awesome! We lit some sparklers and threw some of those popper things and then had our own display at home for all the kids ( and me, the biggest kid) and took a break about halfway through to go catch the local display (which was amazing) before wrapping up the night with more fireworks at home. It was AWESOME!

4.       Did you have a special 4th of July outfit?

Not really but I did try to be somewhat patriotic with a navy and white skirt, blue/white scarf and a white shirt. I was going to wear my red chucks but it was warm so I stuck with my sandals. No, I did not wear any funky hats or flag pins or anything like that. I’m boring, I know.

5.       Who did you spend the 4th of July with?

I spent the 4th with E, his mom, both his sisters, his two BILs, his nieces and nephews and his BIL’s sister, her husband and their two boys.  There were 14 of us in total. It was a ton of fun!

6.       Did you stay home for the holiday weekend of did you go away?

A little of both. On Thursday after work we left Pensacola and drove about an hour east to where E’s mom lives. We spent Thursday night, Friday and most of Saturday there- with family. Then we headed back to P’cola Saturday evening and spent the rest of the weekend home relaxing and running errand and tackling house chores. Oh, and watching many episodes of House of Cards.

7.       What is your favorite part of the 4th of July holiday?

I love 4th of July, it has always been one of my favorite holidays. There is something about summer time holidays that are just so relaxing. I think it is the lack of formality. I love just sitting outside, drinking a beer, eating BBQ foods, playing games, and just having a great time. But I think my most favorite part of this holiday is the fireworks. I LOVE fireworks! I am so happy that I was able to see the city display and have our own private display. Most years I miss out on fireworks and that always leaves me really sad. This year was perfect!

The beach was a close second...

8.       Which holiday are you most looking forward to next?

Hmmmm, maybe Labor Day because it is a long weekend. But I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. My parents are flying in from Philly and we are going to have a big holiday dinner with my family and E’s family. I am super excited for that. Especially because both moms are so similar, I think they are going to be fast friends J

How was your 4th of July? Are you still on holiday or are you back to the grind today?

Love and hugs,