Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Well That was Tough

Well folks, I did it.

I survived week one of T25.  Woo hoo!

It may not seem like much to most but for me it was a huge accomplishment.  

And along the way here is what I found…

Pride- This is the most intense workout I have done since surgery. I still am very limited when it comes to cardio endurance and core strength so to get in 6 pretty freaking intense workouts over 5 days was beyond amazing

Strength- Not only did I feel accomplished by completing the workouts I also realized how much strength I had started to gain back when I did burpees for the very first time since surgery. Burpees are the worst. I hated them before the surgery and after I was unable to do them. Until now. This is a good indication that I am ready to resume boot camp classes in the fall, if my schedule allows it

Determination- And not only was the workout tough, it wasn’t always easy fitting it in to my schedule either. Sunday morning I couldn’t work out because E’s BIL was sleeping in the living room (AKA my fitness room) and so I had to move my workout until the evening- AFTER I spent the day moving. I was exhausted and still pushed myself to get up and do it. That was both surprising and rewarding.

I love this program so far. It is intense, for sure. It is no joke. But it is short and I can fit it in most mornings before I get ready for work.
Super sweaty after my 'double down' (back to back workouts) this morning!

But what I really love is having weekly and daily goals again. I was starting to feel a bit aimless, a bit lost. I think that’s to be expected though. I spent like 18 months super focused on weight loss goals, then I spent almost a year focused on half marathons and that training schedule, then there was the triathlon, and then after that…nothing.

It wasn’t long after the triathlon that I was separated, then divorced, and then had surgery and wasn’t able to do anything. And after I was cleared to work out again I slowly got back into it only to have another surgery and further residual fitness setbacks. Since I was cleared a second time to work out again, 6 weeks ago, I have been traveling and traveling and packing and moving. Just all over the place. So I am beyond ready for some structure and focus again.

This week, and then again in two weeks, I will be traveling. But this time I am planning on setting myself up for success and bringing both my laptop and T25 DVDs and will try to stick to the training plan, as best I can, as outlined. Not necessarily because I feel that I need to but more so because I want to. I do better with a bit of structure, some goals, and time to focus on my fitness and strength.  

Just like everything else in my life, it is all about balance.

Don’t think for a single minute that this re-established focus means no more beers…that will never happen.

I shudder at the idea ;)

Have you tried T25 or any of the Beach Body programs? What are/were you thoughts?

Love and hugs,