Thursday, May 29, 2014


May has been so hectic, crazy, all over the place. It has been awesome, don’t get me wrong, and I had a lot of fun but it has left me exhausted. And I am sad, well sad-ish, to say that June will be equally chaotic. I think I only have enough energy in me for one more month of traveling and then I’m done. I am taking a traveling hiatus until September.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I love traveling. And E and I have had some amazing adventures these past months. It’s been awesome. But I am tired.

And I feel all out of sorts from the lack of routine.

And my body hates me for eating out so many times.

And the beers. So many awesome beers.

I regret nothing.

I just know that this cannot be the norm.

I need routine.

Morning workouts, Hugh Jass (aka huge ass) salads for lunch, consistent sleep, and lots of water.

I also need time to focus on my schoolwork.

And time to focus on unpacking.

And no, I don’t mean unpacking my suitcase although that needs to be done, too. No, I mean unpacking all of the boxes piled up in the living room and spare bedrooms just waiting to be opened and put away. We knew that with two vacations (well one is a work conference) almost back to back after the move in that it would be until mid-June before we had the time to dedicate to unpacking so I am not stressing out about the clutter I see every day. But I am getting anxious (in a good way) just to have some of my own stuff in the house. To make it our place, not just E’s place. You know?

And it is also time to focus back on my baby…my little baby garden.

Ok, ok. It’s a garden. It doesn’t require much of my time or effort but it is still something I need to take care of (and I enjoy doing so) and pretty soon it will be time to build up garden #2. July is right around the corner.

My point to all this….

Well, there really isn’t a point. I have been traveling a lot (awesome) but because of it I’m tired (not really awesome) but I am hopeful that soon enough things will settle down and life will start to feel normal again (awesome).

I look forward to future posts telling you about T25 (I re-started week 2 because I didn’t get much done while on vacation), maybe I'll start posting some recipes once I am cooking from the vegetable garden, and hopefully lots of fun beach/school/beer/travel/not traveling updates from me and my partner in crime. Next week we will be in Orlando and Tampa and Sunday I get to swim with the manatees. I am thinking this might end up being the highlight of my life. Even better than all the baby farm animals I got to hug in Georgia. I’m sooooo excited.

Until then I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures from our Philly/NJ/Delaware trip...

 We went to Dogifish Head - both the brewery and brewpub...

We recreated this photo~ the one on the left was from July of 2008!

Much needed (but never long enough) time with my best friend...

 Yards Brewery in Philly....


Catching up with one of my closest friends from high school...
Getting to spend time with high school buddies before (and after) the Phillies game

Getting Erick hooked on real fresh-baked soft pretzels... 

We ran the 'Rocky' steps (E actually has a video of me doing this) 

The Phillies lost but we got to witness history as Josh Beckett pitched a no-hitter

Lots of sleepy airplane photos...


And quite possibly my favorite photo of all time...

Love and hugs,