Monday, June 2, 2014

FMM: Next!

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1.       What is the next movie you want to see?

I don’t really watch too many movies. At least not as many as I’d like to. I don’t really know of any movies I want to see right now. Maybe Chef? That looked good. Oh, and I know it’s not a movie but one thing I am really looking forward to is the new season of Orange is the New Black. I am watching it a second time so that E can get caught up and we can watch season 2 together. We are about halfway through and watch an episode whenever we have time. It’s fun having a show we can watch together.

2.       What is the next book that you want to read?

Currently I am reading the new Emily Giffin novel The One and Only and it is terrible and predictable and I really am not loving it but I am about a third/halfway through and I just want to finish it and move on. Next up is either The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan (a recommendation from my best friend) or Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich (my guilty pleasure novels)- that all depends on when I finish the book I am currently reading.

3.       What is the next trip/vacation you are going to take?

Tomorrow I am driving out to Orlando for a work conference. E will be joining me out there Thursday night and then we are heading to Tampa for the weekend. We are going to be touring Cigar City brewery, catching a Tampa Bay Rays game which is followed by a Weezer concert, hanging out with friends and snorkeling/swimming with manatees- it’s going to be awesome!

4.       What is the next restaurant you want to try?

There is a new restaurant set to open sometime this summer in downtown Pensacola- Khon’s. It’s dubbed as Southeast Asian cuisine. The menu looks fantastic and talking with one of the owners he told me how they are really going to try and offer a lot of veg options to traditional non-veg dishes such as pho and bhan mi. I am super excited to try it out.

5.       What is the next workout you are going to do?

T25- total body circuit. Tomorrow morning. First day of week 3!

6.       What is the next task you are going to complete?

Not 100% sure what you would define as a task but I do have an eye exam this afternoon and I will be picking out new glasses. Does that count? Also, packing later tonight- that’s definitely a task.

7.       What is the next hobby you want to try?

Well, I just took up gardening as my new hobby and I am still working at it. I have to start building the second raised garden bed as it will be time to plant soon. I think that my focus right now is just the gardening (and school, and work, and T25, and moving/traveling, and being a girlfriend) but the next hobby I would like to try (maybe sometime in September/October as the weather cools) would be home brewing. Is anyone really surprised by that?

8.       What is the next big event you will attend?

Well, technically the next big event I will be attending is the work conference this week but I doubt you want to hear about that. So, I will instead tell you that the next big event I will attend (for fun) is Fitbloggin’! In just a little over 3 weeks I will be heading over to Savannah to attend my second Fitbloggin’ and I am beyond excited! I had just the most amazing time last year and I am so looking forward to this year’s conference.

9.       What type of animal do you want as your next pet?

In a perfect world, I would have unlimited time, money and acreage and I would have both indoor pets (dogs for sure) and outdoor pets (alpaca, sheep, goats) but sadly that isn’t on the horizon any time soon. I would like to one day, maybe after I finish my doctorate and begin teaching, buy a lot of land and have a farm and a huge vegetable garden. That’s pretty much my end goal. And I get very excited when I pass by houses in Pensacola that have goats because that means I could do all of that and not have to head out to the country. For now, I will settle for my house with E and our little garden and maybe one day- a pet of our own.  

10.   What is the next topic you would like to see on FMM?

I am sure it has been done before but maybe a top ten of blogs/websites. Like favorite site for recipes, motivation, etc.