Monday, July 22, 2013

Triathlon Training Week 6 Recap

Before I get into the recap of week 6 I should probably tell you my plans have changed, just slightly, for my first triathlon. My original plan was to participate in the women’s only tri here in Pensacola on Thursday, August 1st at 6:15p. That’s what I registered for and what I’ve been training for. However, I won’t be here in Pensacola on August 1st. I will be back home in NJ with my family since my mother is undergoing a double mastectomy on Monday, July 29th.

 And really, I don’t care about missing the triathlon.

That is the least of my concerns.

My mom is way, way, way more important than any race. I cannot stress that enough.

I am very thankful to be able to go home and be with my mom and dad through all of this. I am lucky to have a very understanding and accommodating boss and a husband who would never keep me from being with my family, especially during these trying times. And of course I am very lucky to have some of the most amazing friends that have been here for me since the day I found out. Thanks guys!

I think I mentioned in last week’s post that since I didn’t know when my mom’s surgery would be scheduled for and when I would be going home and for how long I was planning on continuing to train for the triathlon. And now that I know all the details about the surgery/trip home I am going to keep on training, at least while I’m herein FL, because there is another triathlon on August 8th as part of the same series. If all goes well with mom’s surgery, which is of course what we are hoping for, and I am back in Florida I will sign up for that one.

So this week will be week seven of training. Next week, when I’m in NJ, I will just do what I can. I don’t plan on trying to keep to any type of training schedule. My family, and taking care of them, comes first. If I can get in a run or a swim while there- awesome. If not, no big deal. When I get back I will jump back into week 8’s training plan and go from there.

Week 6 Plan:

Monday- strength training

Tuesday- swim 15 mins, run 40 mins

Wednesday- bike 40 min, run 15

Thursday – run 40 mins, strength

Friday- rest

Saturday - run 5 miles

Sunday - swim 30, bike 60

Total planned for week 6: two strength sessions, 95 minutes plus 5 miles (not for time) running, 100 minutes biking, 45 minutes swimming

Week 6 Actual:

Monday- unplanned rest day

Tuesday- barre class, swim 40 mins

Wednesday- barre class

Thursday - run 47 mins (intervals and hills), barre class, swim 40 mins

Friday- bike 45 mins

Saturday - run 5 miles (49:08), barre class, reformer session

Sunday - unplanned rest day

Actuals for week6: 4 strength sessions, 80 mins swimming, 45 mins biking, 47 mins plus 5 miles running

+2 strength sessions, +35 mins swimming, -55 mins biking, -48 mins running

Week 7 Plan:

Monday- strength training

Tuesday- strength training,  bike 40 mins

Wednesday- run 45 mins

Thursday – swim 30, run 30

Friday- rest

Saturday - run 6 miles

Sunday - swim 30, run 60

My half marathon training plan calls for, in addition to cross training, a 2 mile easy-paced run, an interval workout, a tempo run, and a 6 mile run at an easy pace.

Total planned for week 6: two strength sessions, 135 minutes plus 6 miles (not for time) running, 40 minutes biking, 60 minutes swimming

And of course, like I always do, I will be rearranging this training guideline to fit my schedule.

Since I will be flying home on Saturday I am already planning on moving the 6 mile long run to Friday morning before work. And since I have swim lessons Tuesday and Thursday that is when I complete my two weekly swim sessions. I know I sound like a broken record but I firmly believe that you should make the training plan work for you, not the other way around.

What are you currently training for? Do you strictly/loosely follow your training plan?