Friday, July 26, 2013

This is my 100th Blog Post!!!

After I published yesterday’s post I noticed that it was my 99th. Realizing that the next one I wrote would be my 100th I thought maybe I should write something different/special for this milestone. I decided to ask out on the RRR Facebook page for ideas or topics people would like me to write about. My friend Jess came up with a great idea- 100 ways my life is different now than before I was Run. Ride. Repeat.

I loved this idea and immediately knew that this was what I wanted to do for my 100th post! So here it goes, my list of 100 ways my life is different now since Run. Ride. Repeat. was born on 8/24/2012.

1.       I moved from San Antonio to Pensacola

2.       I moved before then too, from on post in SA to an apartment also in SA

3.       I became a Naval Officer’s wife.

4.       I completed my first half marathon- Rock n’ Roll San Antonio- second half marathon- 3M Austin- and third half marathon- Gulf Coast Half

5.       I learned how to swim properly, RE: with my face actually in the water, not holding my nose

6.       I have jumped into the deep end of a pool without holding my nose (this actually happened last night) for the first time ever

7.       I wore a bikini for the first time as an adult

8.       I wore a dress to work (that wasn’t part of a uniform) and now I actually wear dresses a few times a week, maybe even more often than pants

9.       I kayaked for the first time in a river

10.   And then for the first time in the bay

11.   I paddle boarded

12.   I did yoga on said paddle board

13.   I participated in my first ever trail race (UWF Bunny Dash 5K)

14.   I started attending barre classes (first in SA, now again in Pensacola) which was intimidating as hell at first

15.   I attending the wedding of my youngest cousin

16.   I learned my uncle has cancer

17.   I learned my mom has cancer

18.   I started a new job at a university, and not as a student

19.   I started taking grad classes towards a specialist degree

20.   I attended the annual Mullet Toss at/in? Flor-bama

21.   I visited Portland for the first time

22.   I attended a blogging conference

23.   Where I made some of the most amazing connections

24.   And ate some of the most amazing foods, drank some of the best beers, laughed until it hurt, cried a few times, and left with some of my most favorite memories I will cherish always

25.   I’ve made new friends

26.   I’ve watched some leave (downside of military life)

27.   I’ve left some amazing friends behind (see #24)

28.   I drove through, and visited since, Alabama for the first time

29.   I drove to a different state to run a race (also Alabama- we live very close to there)

30.   I ran my first sub-10 minute mile

31.   I ran a 5K at a sub-10 minute mile pace (30:26)

32.   I ran in below freezing temps

33.   I ran up the ramp I saw pictured in Runner’s World magazine and swore I would go there when I was in Portland

34.   I rode my bike wearing my running UA leggings over my bike shorts because I was so cold

35.   I ran in NJ, alongside a vineyard

36.   I learned what it feels like to spend Christmas without Paul or my family

37.   Same with New Year’s

38.   And my birthday

39.   And our wedding anniversary

40.   Had my first all vegan Thanksgiving dinner thanks to some wonderful friends back in SA

41.   I made my first vegan pumpkin pie

42.   And vegan whipped cream (using coconut milk)

43.   I saw some bands for the first time ever like the Black Keys

44.   And Florence + the Machine

45.   And the Alabama Shakes

46.   And Band of Skulls

47.   I bought a spin bike

48.   I bought a tri suit

49.   I ate a donut shaped like a penis…well, technically I only ate part of it

50.   I was able to celebrate the engagement of two of my favorite people, C+M, in person

51.   And celebrate J+A’s engagement over the phone

52.   I visited the Naval Base in Newport, Rhode Island

53.   I watched my husband graduate from OCS

54.   I toured Fenway

55.   I drank blueberry beer in Boston and celebrated with so many amazing people

56.   I visited the U.S.S. Constitution

57.   I started geocaching

58.   I’ve swam in the Pensacola bay

59.   I’ve drank lots and lots of Pensacola Bay Brewery beer

60.   I drank beard beer (at Rogue)

61.   And probably 100 other beers I’ve never had before

62.   I attended a pub crawl, like a real one – organized by a social group- where I met one of my best friends.

63.   I went to a Blue Wahoos baseball game

64.   I’ve eaten a vegan grilled cheese from the Pensacola food trucks, ironically I cannot say the same for Portland

65.   I took a jump fitness class (trampoline)

66.   I participated in a boot camp class held outside

67.   I saw a naked woman on a street corner

68.   I visited/traversed the 17th St bridge (aka graffiti bridge)

69.   I started a team for trivia night

70.   I realized that reading all of the books and seeing all of the movies did not make me a Harry Potter expert

71.   I bought a vitamix

72.   I started making my own almond milk

73.   And sometimes rice milk

74.   And almond butter

75.   And all sorts of flours and cornmeal and whatnot

76.   I made my own chutney

77.   And I made Aloo Gobi for the first time too

78.   I biked through some crazy sandy trails, which took me forever to figure out how to navigate

79.   I rode the Pensacola observation (Ferris) wheel which is no longer in Pensacola

80.   I visited my friends in their new home in Daytona

81.   And attended a wedding of two complete strangers

82.   I went to Gallery night (three times now)

83.   And the Pensacola Symphony (twice)

84.   I rode the Blackwater trail

85.   And ran on it too

86.   I played with bubbles in a fountain

87.   I bought my first, second and third pairs of Brooks running shoes

88.   I ran in a torrential downpour, in a white shirt nonetheless

89.   I ran on a bunch of trails- nothing like I had ever seen in SA

90.   I broke up with my Garmin

91.   I got rid of cable (of course, it’s back now since Paul lives with me)

92.   I took my first ice bath

93.   I went to acupuncture for the first time

94.   I drank homemade chai tea

95.   I attended a vegan cooking class, twice

96.   I stopped chewing gum

97.   I started watching the West Wing

98.   I dropped a couple sizes (from 10 to 6)

99.   And broke away from weighing myself daily

100.                        ….and lastly….I wrote 100 blog posts!