Wednesday, July 3, 2013

{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: Fitbloggin' Style

I am sure you knew this was coming. Like I've said before, I have over 400 pictures from this weekend so of course this WW (and possibly more to come- if you are up for it) is dedicated to Fitbloggin'. Just another glimpse into an amazing weekend.

 Me and Bang...Bang and I...neither sounds correct...LOL!
 Lunch at Veggie Grill. I ate there three times. I am still dreaming about that mac n' cheese!
 My awesome roomie Brooke! Her shirt says 'I'm not a player, I just blog alot'. Awesome!
 Upstairs bar at the Nines, the hotel where we stayed and Fitbloggin' was held
 I just love these two pictures of Alan and Brooke...
 One of the many things I loved about Portland- it is super bike friendly!
 Dinner at Portobello...the restaurant was beautiful. They hand drew those images onto the wall...
 After dinner with; Kelly, Brooke, Lindsay, and Annabel
 Making faces with's what we do best!

The table we chose to sit at for lunch was the 'Very Hungry' table...which was fitting. 

 Erika edited our table tent to read 'Very Hungry and Super Pretty'- also quite fitting
 Saw this a few times and each time it scared the shit out of creepy! Why???
 Annabel welcoming us to Petunia's!
 And in case you haven't seen my posts on FB or Twitter- I bought my first ever bikini!
The most amazing retail employees ever! They made my experience at Bettie Page so wonderful!
 Him: How is your life going
Me: Pretty good, I'm pretty happy
Him: change everything!
That was some pretty good bad advice...
 Action shot! I think I have two dozen pictures just of people taking pictures. Not sure why, but that always makes me laugh...I'm just weird like that ;)
 Crazy bikes...
Someone told me what these were called but I forgot. Big out in SLC. They are giant!

Second most intimidating purchase of the trip- one piece triathlon suit. At least it's damn comfy even if I do feel like a sausage...Lol!
 Saw this picture at Nia HQ and it brought me to tears. The beautiful woman in the blue skirt is my friend and mentor from San Antonio. She helped me find my self-love and acceptance and for that I am eternally grateful. I miss her so much words cannot even describe it!
 I love Nia! And if you were at Fitbloggin' and you loved the cardio dance class I highly recommend checking out Nia. It changed my life! And it's all over the country- not just Portland.
 Powell's- I could have spent a week in this store!

What's up with the creepy heads? Is that a Portland thing? @ McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom

 No pennies? And who returns doughnuts anyhow? Lol!

 I believe it!
Unfortunately this is all I got to see of Chinatown. Next visit I will definitely come down here!
 Late night goodbyes...Miss you Annabel!
 A RRR first- I ran across a bridge...twice! It was so cool!
 SWAG!!! I had a whole second bag just filled with free goodies from Fitbloggin'!
 My personal purchases; bikini, tri suit, bicycle socks, and a Rogue tshirt!
Maps, card, lots of business cards, my badge, and an amazing gift from and amazing woman!
I just have to thank Roni and the whole Fitbloggin' crew for putting on an amazing event! It far exceeded my expectations- and I had pretty high expectations!
Also, a big freaking thank you to Erika who was the best tour guide ever! We were literally lost without you on Saturday night! Also, thank you for being so accomodating and eating so much damn vegan food. You are amazing person (who looks smoking hot in shorts) and I am so thankful I got to spend the weekend with you! Love ya!