Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Triathlon Training- Week 5 Recap

Sorry for the mid-week, delayed recap. I’ve been busy and sadly that means blogging is one of the first things to get bumped. BUT, I’m here now- ready to recap week 5! Can you believe I am just 15 days out from my first triathlon? I can’t believe it!  I should note that if Mom’s surgery is scheduled for that same week I will obviously miss the tri in order to be home with her. I’m still training like I will be here but I won’t be sad if I miss it- family first!

Week 5 Plan:

Monday- strength training

Tuesday- bike 30, strength training

Wednesday- run 40

Thursday – swim 30, run 25

Friday- rest

Saturday – run 50

Sunday – swim 30, run 45

Total planned for week 5: two strength sessions, 160 minutes running, 30 minutes biking, 60 minutes swimming

Week 5 Actual:

Monday- barre class

Tuesday- AM: run 40 mins PM: barre class,30 min swim class  

Wednesday- bike 52 mins

Thursday - AM: run 34 min PM: barre class,30 min swim class  

Friday- rest

Saturday - run 50, barre class, reformer session

Sunday - unplanned rest day

Totals for week 5; four strength sessions, 124 min running, 52 min biking, 60 minutes swimming

+2 strength sessions, +22 minutes biking, -36 minutes running

Yay! I’m getting closer to meeting all my training goals. This week I was only off by 36 minutes of running. Not too bad. My least favorite aunt (flo) came to visit me this weekend so Sunday and Monday I was pretty much out of commission. I think this week’s training schedule might be a little under too but such is life, right? I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and just try to do my best.

So, what’s in store for week 6? I’m glad you asked J

Week 6 Plan:

Monday- strength training

Tuesday- swim 15 mins, run 40 mins

Wednesday- bike 40 min, run 15

Thursday – run 40 mins, strength

Friday- rest

Saturday - run 5 miles

Sunday - swim 30, bike 60

BUT- don't forget, I am also starting my half marathon training. Actually, I messed up and last week was my first week. I only got in three runs instead of the four planned but I’m pretty sure I’ll survive. It’s only the first week. For this week I have four runs on the schedule; an easy-paced 2 miler, an interval workout for speed work, a hill run, and a 5 miler as my long run. I already added the 5 milers onto my schedule for Saturday and will just use the three other run days listed on the tri schedule to do my half marathon training plan runs. Does that make sense? If not, it should next week when I list what I actually did.

Total planned for week 5: two strength sessions, 95 minutes plus 5 miles (not for time) running, 100 minutes biking, 45 minutes swimming


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