Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very busy and yet somehow very relaxing Memorial Day weekend. From start to finish it was packed with new adventures, hanging out at some of our favorite spots in town, spending time with friends, and really just making the most of our time living in Pensacola. Here are some pics from the weekend. The only thing I missed out on were kayaking pictures since we don't have a waterproof bag we don't bring our phones with us. But we are looking into getting something we can bring with us for kayaking and paddle boarding so hopefully I will be able to get some pics in the future.


 Yummy dinner at End of the Line Cafe- tempeh club and pink potato salad :)
 One day he's going to refuse to take yet another picture with me, I know it ;)
 I always keep it wonky!
 My favorite brewery in town...
 My new favorite pelican
Pensacola- the city of five flags. Spain, France, Great Britain, Confederate US, and USA
Sadly, no kayaking pics :(
 Beautiful view from the patio where we ate lunch after kayaking
 You can't help but to feel super peaceful and relaxed with this as the backdrop...
 And some yummy vegan dessert...everything is right with the world.
 On our way to see the Great Gatsby- which I loved
Followed by some beers afterwards as we planned out our geocaching trek for the next day
Geocaching all day!

We trekked through State Parks
Walked out onto piers...
 A few times...
 Tried to help a baby bird with fishing wire wrapped around it's legs and wing :(
 I took a minute to play in a fountain filled with bubbles
 We visited the 17th St Bridge
 AKA graffiti bridge and some day soon I am going to paint it!
 And our tour led us to Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park

 Where we gave thanks to those who sacrificed their lives in the name of their country
There are other war memorials in the park but my phone died so I didn't get pictures of them all
We spent Monday paddle boarding then had a fun dinner at home with friends. It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. Here are a couple more paddle boarding pics that I didn't post in yesterday's blog.

How did you spend this holiday weekend? Was it relaxing, adventurous, or a little of both?