Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My One Year Race-iversary

This Sunday will mark the one year anniversary of my first running race. It was a 5K and it was the first time I ever even attempted to run in a race and run I did, from start to finish. 

Previous to this I had walked a few 5Ks, maybe a 2-mile fun walk, not really much other than walking for fun/exercise on my own. Even when I was younger and wasn’t morbidly obese I was never a runner. It was just never something that I thought I could do and so I never did it. Then last year I set a goal for myself to run a race, start to finish, even if the distance was just a mile.

I ran my first mile ever (outside of the ones I was required to run but usually ran/walked in high school) in January 2012. Then in February I started the Couch to 5K program. I finished up the program just a week before I was set to run my first 5K on May 5th, 2012. That first race was awesome. Not because of the running part (which was still really exciting because I did it) but because the race was for obesity and diabetes research and education. I was actually brought on stage at the pre-race ceremony because of my weight loss story. I got to meet some amazing doctors who are working very hard in San Antonio to end the obesity epidemic. The mayor was there. I got to hang out (and received lots of hugs) from one of our local news anchors- I basically felt like a celebrity.

And when I came in to the finish and saw them all there, plus Paul snapping tons of pictures, cheering me on it brought tears to my eyes. That day I accomplished something I had never dreamt possible. Then to be embraced by the kindness of strangers and the love of my husband- well that was amazing.

Since that day I have ran; 11 additional 5Ks, two 4-milers, one 7K, one 8K, one 5-miler, one 10K, one 15K, one 10-miler, and three half marathons and of course countless miles training for all 22 of those races. It’s been wild. I never thought I could have run a mile or even a 5K let alone a freaking half marathon or three. So, to say my mind is blown is an understatement.

And to close out my first year of racing I will be running a 10K Saturday morning followed by a 5K Saturday night. Yep, 9.3 miles in one day- like it’s no big deal.

Some days it’s hard to believe all that I have accomplished (when it comes to running) over the past year…

Some days it’s hard to remember the girl who struggled just walking a mile…

But most days I am just filled with hope and excitement for every race that lies ahead and every new limit that will be tested…

And that is pretty damn awesome.

05/05/2012- Before my first 5K

04/07/2013- after my most recent half marathon