Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm Doing It!!!

'I'm doing it!'- a phrase I must have uttered a thousand times this weekend.

I act just like a little kid when I experience new things. I get crazy hyper and excited about it; before, during and after.

This weekend my new adventure was paddle boarding. Which was AWESOME! The whole time, even when I was frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to steer, I couldn't stop saying, 'I'm doing it!, I'm doing it!'. Not necessarily because paddle boarding is so hard that I was amazed I could do it but because I actually did it. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried something new. I kept saying to our friend AC that was with us that this was such a big deal for me, doing new things. Dacia from three years ago would have been too scared to even try. So for me, the excitement comes not from the ability to do something well, because I did kind of suck at it for the first couple hours, but instead by the simple act of just doing it.

Then last night, over dinner, as Paul, AC and I sat around laughing (to the point of tears) over my ridiculousness on said paddle board Paul asked me if after my experiences today I wanted to learn to surf. I said absolutely yes. BUT my one caveat is that I need to learn how to swim first.

Don't get me wrong, I can kind of swim. Not great by any means but I am quite buoyant so I tread water easily and I do have my own makeshift way of swimming laps using my own version of various stroke styles. It's not pretty but I get by.

But since I do want to learn how to swim properly AND I have my first triathlon coming up in just two months I really need to crack down and focus on proper stroke form and breathing techniques.

And since learning how to surf and completing a triathlon are both very important to me (they are on my Pensacola bucket list)  I knew I needed to stop delaying the inevitable and sign up for adult swim lessons. 

So today, that is what I did.

They don't start until July (I can't do them in June since I will be gone for two weeks) but I am taking them twice a week for a month. I think that will really, really help get me ready for the triathlon. And once I get my first big open water swim under my belt I know I will feel ready to take some surf lessons.

So, look for some posts about those two events, as well as some about my swim lessons, coming up in July/August. Until then, well I guess I need to get back to running, riding, and quasi-swimming this month to train for the tri and of course I foresee more paddle boarding, kayaking and plenty of other new adventures in my future.

“When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love ...”  ~ Marcus Aurelius

I'm pretty sure that paddle was way too big for me...

Apparently yoga while paddle boarding is a thing...I just had to give it a try!

Not only was I literally posing for the camera, I had a group of people watching me do this...