Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just Some News...

I am less than a month out from my surgery date and I am both excited and nervous. Wow!  Actually, it’s 4 weeks out as of today. Crazy!

I was talking to my friend Jess the other day and she made me realize that I don’t think I posted anything on the blog once I had a surgery date set.

Actually, what had happened was I got a surgery date (probably about month or so ago) but I was not 100% sure whether or not I would have the surgery because of the divorce. You know, the whole ‘I-may-not-have-insurance’ thing was kind of the big deciding factor. I should mention that I added health insurance coverage through my work but it won’t go into effect until January 1st so if Paul and I were to be divorced prior to my surgery date I would be uninsured.

But then last week we got our court date.

January 16th.

One week after my 36th birthday.

6 days after what will be our ninth and final wedding anniversary.

Kind of surreal, and it’s less than two months away.

I just need to take a minute to think about that…because it is a big deal. I know it is the right thing for me (and Paul) but a huge, epic chapter of my life is about to come to a close. I have to acknowledge that.

And I have.

And I will continue to recognize this.

But I am ready to start the next chapter of my life.

And as thankful as I am for all of the chapters that have come before, and all of the characters they involved, I am equally thankful, and excited, for those that have yet to be written…

Right now the future seems filled with possibilities (that’s my optimistic way of saying filled with unknown circumstances- lol) and that makes me happy. Excited and happy.

And of course a bit scared…but just a little bit. A manageable amount… J

Anywho….back to the surgery topic…

Since our divorce finalization is a month after my surgery date I will still able to go through with the procedure.

And hopefully between my current insurance and my new insurance all of my nine million follow-up appointments will be covered too.

And thankfully my boss is super awesome and has been very understanding in regards to the ridiculous number of doctors’ appointments I have had these past few months and will have before and after the surgery.

The only downside of this whole thing, and it is really not that big of a deal, is that I will be spending Christmas completely alone. Some days, the idea of being alone (again) through the holiday makes me sad. On the upside, it will only be a week post-surgery- I will probably be too out of it to care. That’s what I am hoping will happen, at least. No one wants to be sad and alone and somewhat immobile on Christmas....

In other news…

On Monday I went to the county tax collector’s office (or what I continually refer to as the DMV) and got my Florida driver’s license, registered my car and re-titled it in Florida. I feel quite official. Can I call myself a Floridian now? And I am pretty excited to finally have a driver’s license photo that actually looks like me. I mean, the picture sucks (of course), but at least you know it’s me when looking at it.

My fitbit officially died last week. Thankfully the company is sending me a whole new replacement unit. I can’t wait until it gets here, I feel so strange not wearing it, but honestly I have had so many issues with it lately that even though I would wear it daily my actual log hasn’t been accurate in quite some time. Hopefully this new unit does the trick and hopefully it will last longer than the not even 3 months I had the first one for.

Oh, do you remember me talking about that project I had due on the 10th? I feel like I mentioned that I had the dates wrong and thought it was due in December. Well that paper/project ended up being 35 pages long and it got me an A! BOOM! Yeah, not really sure how I pulled that one off but I was pretty excited when I found out my grade this past Monday. Totally set the tone for the whole week J

Also, speaking of classes- I cannot believe this semester is almost over. I really just cannot believe it. I just registered for the spring semester this week and am really looking forward to having a few weeks off in between. Don’t get me wrong; I love being a full time grad student and I love being a full time employee but there are definitely times when doing both simultaneously gets to be a bit much. Luckily, I have been able to manage so far. I think this is the easy part though…it’s really my dissertation I am concerned about. But I will cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, I will happily continue on doing both.

I am happy to report my first weekend living downtown was pretty freaking awesome. I have some pictures I took at all of the events I attended and I am hoping to get them up in this week’s Wordless Wednesday post later today…yes, people, I am trying to get two posts up today. Shocking, I know. I just wanted to mention here how awesome it was being able to walk everywhere I went all weekend long. It was fantastic. It was nice walking to all my favorite spots and taking some time to explore and find some new places. It was great. This weekend will be a mix of downtown activities (Christmas fair, beers/dinners/brunch out, farmers market, a 5K walk) mixed with time being in town- I plan on going to see Catching Fire this weekend. I am pretty excited- it should be a nice, low-key weekend.

Hmmm…other than all that stuff I am not really sure there is much new to report. Just life, as normal; eat all the vegan food, drink all the craft beer, work, work, work, school, school, school, boot camp, run, bike, laugh, sing,  and as always be  a tad bit (ok, a whole lot of) ridiculous.

Hope all is well with you!

Love and hugs!

Dacia (and Ruby)

Such a serious face for such a goofy puppy...