Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm Lazy....Part 2

As I mentioned earlier this week, I purchased a fitbit. The fitbit flex actually. After a couple years of wavering back in forth over the need/want for a tracking tool like this I finally broke down and bought one.  Of course, it was backordered and I sadly had to wait.  No, I had no idea I could have went to Best Buy or Target and just bought one until people told me that this week. Eh, oh well. It is on its way to my house as we speak. I have been checking the USPS tracking info like a neurotic person, even though it clearly said delivery would be Saturday, and lo and behold- it’s here. See, miracles do happen…LOL!

I am very excited about the arrival of my fitbit if for no other reason than to see really how pathetic my sedentary lifestyle is. I need this kick in the pants. Not because I want to lose weight, not because I feel like I need to challenge myself to do more fitness activities but because sitting for 9, 10, 12….maybe even 14 hours or more a day is bad. Really bad. No matter how many miles I run every day or how many fitness classes I take a week- sitting all day long negates all of that.  And I am about to find out how bad it really is. I'm fairly certain that it's going to be ugly.

I am going to take next week as a trial week to gauge where I am right now before I set any goals. I do hope to be able to set a daily goal that really just focuses on my non-workout times. I want to make sure that on top of running I am still getting in a certain number of steps or a certain amount of movement every day.

And thanks to the awesome comments you guys left on  my post earlier this week I have some great ideas how to get in some extra movement throughout the day. Lunch time walks are great, although I can only squeeze in 30 minutes, but not enough. I was thinking about trying to take a short 5 minute walk every hour or two as well. I think I could make a nice loop outside around the building I work in which would involve coming up or down a big set of stairs on one side and up or down a steep ramp on the other.  I also like the idea of walking around the mall (or even coming back up to work and walking the library) on evenings when the weather sucks and I can't take the doggies out for a walk.

Oh, and I am working on a way to convert a workspace in my temporary office into a desk that I could both sit and stand at. Because it really doesn’t have to be all about walking, just standing is far better than sitting all day long.

Honestly, I do not know the last time I have been so excited about something- especially a gadget. It’s definitely a good thing to help me focus more on an area of my life that needs help.  Being sedentary is definitely starting to take its toll and I don’t like it. I mean if I am going to focus on being a healthier person this is an area that needs help. If an active person leading a sedentary lifestyle is just as likely to suffer from the same problems and ailments as a couch potato I definitely need to stop sitting all day long. Nope, my desk job isn’t going away any time soon but I am smart and I have great resources (you) and I know I will figure out ways to combat this problem.  It may take some trial and error but I am ready for the challenge!

Stay tuned! You know I will defintiely be keeping you posted!

Please feel free to leave any/all ideas you have in the comments. I really appreciate it J