Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Almost Tri Time!!!

So it’s almost here.

My first triathlon.



I say hopefully because there are (no big surprise here) thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow. Thankfully the chance of storms dropped from 60% to 40% but lightning, especially if it’s the PM storms they are calling for, could put a hold on the race. If it’s bad enough, they may even cancel.

BUT, I am staying positive that it will go off as planned. Last week, while I was away, they got so much rain that they were forced to reroute the bike portion. Even with bad weather the race still went on, just with a shorter bike leg.

I’m not going to lie- I’m a bit nervous. Because of the ridiculous stormy weather we have been having I have yet to do an open water swim. The ONE DAY I made it to the beach this summer we were under a storm/lightning warning and we weren’t actually allowed in the water. So there’s that.

Plus it’s been at least a month since I’ve ridden my bike. I mean I ride my spin bike and other standard bikes at the gym a couple times a week but again- because of weather I have had to move my ride indoors the last few times the schedule called for it. So there’s that too.

I also have yet to test out my tri suit. Well, I tried it on last night to make sure it still fit (which it did- huzzah!) but I have yet to actually swim, bike or run in it. So there’s another reason for the nerves.

BUT- here’s the thing. Nerves are normal. I’m not freaking out. Just a bit anxious. Honestly- I am not really scared about the swim since Paul’s first ever open water swim was at his triathlon and he did great. I am not really scared about the bike because well, it’s riding a bike. And it’s my strong suit. Even with time away from the bike I know I am still ready and it will probably be the easiest part for me. As for being scared about the damage an untested tri suit can cause- well I am prepared for that. I have a brand new stick of body glide already packed in my bag- ready to be applied generously over every area where chaffing can happen.

I know I am ready. I have trained for this. I am prepared.  I am not concerned about failing.

I am just a bit nervous because it is something new. It’s like a mix of excitement and a bit of anxiety.

 I think that’s pretty normal though. Well, at least it is for me.

 I know I was nervous the first time I ran a 5K. And nervous for every increasing length I’ve ran since.

I was nervous during swim lessons- learning the butterfly stroke, diving into the deep end.

And I was nervous the first time I took my bike out for a long, hilly hard as hell ride.

But I don’t mind the nerves. I think they come with the territory. Or like I said, at least they do for me.

New stuff is exciting. Nervousness is just an indication of that excitement.

Maybe that’s just me.

But I'd like to believe I am not the only one who gets this way before they try out something new.