Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OK Crossfit...

Ok Crossfit…I’m giving you a few more classes to prove you are really worth it before we break up.


But to be honest…it’s not looking good.

I apologize to all of my readers out there that love Crossfit. This isn’t about Crossfit, it’s about me. It’s totally awesome if you love it, if it’s your ‘thing’. I just don’t know if it will ever be my 'thing'.

Why, you ask…

Well, honestly….it’s just too much. It’s a bit too intense for me. Not the workout itself- that I enjoy. It’s the after workout that is making me miserable.

 If Crossfit was going to be the only thing I did for exercise I would probably be ok with it but it’s not. I am training for a half marathon (a slew of them actually) and I love cycling. And Crossfit is preventing me from doing either. Because it is just killing my muscles.

Right now every large muscle group between my knees and up to/including my ass is sore. And not just ‘that was a good workout’ sore, it’s more like ‘oh, you would actually like to stand up from a seated position? Nice try’ sore. I don’t like that sitting/standing is a challenge, I can barely navigate the steps in/out of our apartment without leaning on the railing, I am walking slower than a snail’s pace and I cannot run. I was able to jog a bit yesterday- for like a few hundred feet downhill- but running, forget about it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not in pain really. Just complete muscle fatigue/failure.  And every day it gets worse. Who can live like this?

And trust me…I am doing everything possible to help speed up my muscle recovery. I’m stretching (what seems like all the time) and walking- just trying to keep moving because I know being sedentary, even though it feels good, won’t help me one bit. And of course eating really great foods to help rebuild.

Again, I have to reiterate- if Crossfit was the only activity I wanted to do I would be ok with this. But since it is preventing me from doing anything else I am none too happy.

And that’s ok. I don’t have to love Crossfit. And I don’t have to force myself to keep up with it just because I know it will make me stronger. Lots of things can make me stronger- and it’s looking like it’s time to find one that will help me build lean muscle mass without me having to sacrifice what little cardio endurance (and of course the residual happiness from being active) I have.

So yesterday I started to do some research.

I found a boot camp class that is offered at the university where I work. It’s twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, right after work. The timing is perfect. The location is super convenient. And the best part- it’s free.

And I love boot camp classes. Back when I started boxing very, very early on in my journey (like I think I was still above 260lbs or so) I would take a boot camp class at the boxing gym. I loved it. It was intense. There were definitely times where I felt I wouldn’t be able to finish the workout but I always did. And the best part- it never prevented me from doing other activities.

I think it would be a great fit. It would allow me to still be able to run and bike in the mornings and then a couple times a week I could take this class right after work and still make it home at a reasonable hour that would allow me to eat dinner with plenty of time to digest before bedtime.

Another avenue I looked into was a personal trainer. At the university they offer one-on-one sessions with a trainer for an astonishingly low $20 per session! Isn’t that unreal? So, if the boot camp classes don’t pan out or even if they do but I still need additional help trying to get in shape for the Spartan race and my crazy fall/winter half marathon schedule then I know I have something else I can try.

So my plan is finish out my free week at Crossfit (you never know, things may get better)and if after that I want to try something different I will check out the boot camp classes here at the rec center.

I’m not giving up on strength training.

I’m just looking for a better fit.

And I am confident that I will find something that helps me become stronger AND allows me to still be active.

I really don’t think I need to limit myself to one or the other and I certainly wouldn’t want to if I could find a better fit.

Is strength training a part of your routine? What type of strength training activities do you like to do?