Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Things Friday...

1)      Got some great news yesterday- Mom does not have the BRCA genetic mutation which means no more surgeries for her and no ‘tough talk’ between me and my doctor about me getting tested and what to do if I had the same mutation. Huzzah!


2)      I also got some news today from my doctor. My blood work results came in and my results were awesome…my cholesterol is 142, my LDL (the bad cholesterol) is 60, and my triglycerides are 76. To give you some perspective of healthy numbers; total cholesterol should be below 200, LDL should be below 70 if you are high risk for heart disease (given my family history I would say I am) or below 100 if you are just at risk for heart disease, HDL (which mine is 82) should be above 60, and triglycerides should be below 150. BOOM! My numbers are awesome! I don’t remember exactly where my blood pressure was when I went in for the appointment but I think it was 110/73 (the tech said that was excellent) and my resting heart rate was 58 bpm. Seeing numbers like this always makes me happy- especially since I am still overweight. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want to get to a healthy weight range but it is good to know that I can carry a few extra pounds and still post great numbers.



3)      I downloaded a printable wellness calendar for September from Cassie at Back to Her Roots. I think this calendar is fantastic and I plan to print it and post it on my bathroom mirror. I am very excited for September. My FB group is going to be weighing in and helping to keep each other focused and accountable, I am going to be participating in a back to basics challenge through Colleen the Fit Bee (she is awesome, one of my biggest inspirations) and using a custom workout and meal plan she created for me, I will hopefully meet with a nutritionist later this month (still haven’t received a call from them) and I have my follow up appointment with my primary care doc where I will hopefully be able to get the ball rolling with paperwork for the abdominoplasty so I can try to get it scheduled for the end of this year/early next. I am pretty sure September is going to kick ass!


4)      It’s official- I am breaking up with Crossfit…again. I told Paul that when I decide next year I want to give it another shot that he needs to remind how miserable I was and how badly my body reacted to it. After days of icing, wearing compression pants, deep tissue massage (with the moji and having Paul help), stretching, walking, resting, you name it- my legs still hate me. My ass is doing better but my IT bands and the area around my kneecaps still are just really pissed. So that’s it. I’m throwing in the towel. On to something new. Boot camp next week. Oh, and on the 7th I am trying out aerial yoga…how cool is that? I’m also thinking about signing up for a 5K on the 14th. And like I said in my previous post, I may even try out a personal trainer session. Who knows?



5)      I love long weekends but I am guessing that goes without saying. Who doesn’t love them? I told Paul that we could do whatever he wants at night as long as each day this weekend is filled with some sort of fun activity. Our agenda now is to take a long bike ride down at Pensacola Beach tomorrow, go hiking and swimming at the state park on Sunday, and go kayaking on Monday. Fingers crossed that the rain doesn’t ruin our plans. Tonight Paul is making me a surprise homemade dinner and then we are going out for the tapping of one of the only 2 kegs in the entire state of Florida of Beard Beer from Rogue. Since I had this beer in Portland and failed to bring any back I was super excited that it made its way down to Pensacola. I think it’s kind of random that only 2 kegs made it to Florida and both are in Pensacola. I’m not complaining, I’m thrilled. I love my funky, beer-loving mini-metropolis!
Walking around campus on my lunch break...took this at my new favorite spot. Great start to my weekend :)

How are you spending this holiday weekend? Are you excited or terrified that September 1st is this Sunday?