Monday, June 24, 2013

Triathlon Training: Week 2 Recap

Time to recap week two of my triathlon training…two weeks down, six to go.  Did I tell you my triathlon is on a Thursday night? Kind of random, I know. But I am actually really excited for it even if I have to work all day first.

Oh, and did I tell you it is a females-only triathlon? That was actually a big selling point for me. I will have enough on my mind that day; I don’t need to have to worry about getting kicked in the face (while swimming) by some big dude.

But enough about that…let’s get to the recap….

Week 2 Plan:

Monday- bike 30 min, run 15 min
Tuesday- strength
Wednesday- swim 15 min, run 30 min
Thursday – run 30 min, strength
Friday- rest
Saturday – run 35 min
Sunday – swim 30 min, bike 30 min

Total planned for week 2: two strength sessions, 110 minutes running, 60 minutes biking, 45 minutes swimming

Week 2 Actual:

Monday- self-imposed rest day after 6 workouts in the five days prior
Tuesday- AM: bike 30 min, run 15 min PM: barre and reformer session
Wednesday- AM:  run 30 min PM: swim 25 minutes
Thursday- AM: run 30 min PM: barre class
Friday- rest day
Saturday- barre class and reformer session
Sunday – swim 30 min, bike 30 min, run 35 min

Total for week 2:  three strength sessions, 110 minutes running, 60 minutes biking, 55 minutes swimming

+10 minutes swimming, +1 strength sessions
After Sunday's workout; swim, bike, run. White shirt makes it hard to see the sweat. I was drenched!
I’m pretty happy with last week’s results. Although out of order, which will happen every week, I managed to fit in every training session as well as an extra session of strength training. I also realized how important it is for me to get in the pool as much as possible. Swimming is by far my biggest weakness, as I am still attempting to learn how to swim properly. Lessons start up on July 9th and that day can’t come quickly enough.

I have read countless times how important it is in triathlon training to spend the most time on the area you are weakest in so I am planning on trying to get in some extra pool time this week (before Fitbloggin) and next week to help get me as acclimated to swimming as possible before the lessons start.

I am also pretty damn happy (and proud) about a couple improvements I saw this week. I hit my fastest 1.5 mile time to date (in the training) of a 14:34 which I ran after 30 minutes on the bike. Happy to be able to run a 9:42 min/mile pace on tired legs. Then yesterday I ran 3.6 miles in 35 minutes which is a 9:43 min/mile pace after swimming for 30 minutes and biking for 30 minutes. Again, on tired legs. It makes me happy knowing I can still push myself hard at the end of a workout since that’s pretty much what will need to happen during the triathlon. There is no better time than now to prepare myself to run tired.

This week is going to be a bit chaotic being in Portland for 4 days during which I won’t have access to a pool. I will definitely need to rearrange the training schedule to make it work and maybe I may end up missing some training sessions but I am not going to kill myself over it. I know week 4 will be better so I am not concerned. It happens, that’s life. BUT even though I know I will be living it up in Portland I am still going to do my best to get in training runs when I can.  The training schedule is as follows:

Week 3 Plan:

Monday- strength
Tuesday- run 35
Wednesday- bike 50, strength
Thursday- swim 30, run 20
Friday- rest
Saturday- run 40 min
Sunday- swim 30, run 45

I plan on going to barre class Monday-Wednesday plus a reformer session on Tuesday, I will hopefully get both swim sessions and the one bike session in before I leave and then I will only have running sessions to worry about in Portland. I also know that I have a bunch of fitness sessions (boot camp, yoga, cardio dance and trampolining) on the schedule at Fitbloggin so I will definitely be keeping active this week. Which is a good thing since I will need to be in order to balance out the all the beer and Voodoo doughnuts that will be consumed.

What are your goals this week? Do you have any big fitness (or even non-fitness goals) you are working towards?