Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Going to Portland...Fitbloggin' 13 Baby!

Fitbloggin’ is in 13 days people…

Did you know that I’m going? I mean I know that I have the little ‘"Join me at Fitbloggin’ 13" button on my blog page (although I am not sure many people actually read my blog  from an actual computer screen to see it) and I think most of you have seen my posts on social media, or better yet hear me talk about it incessantly, so I think it is safe to say that yes, you know I am going to Fitbloggin’.

This will be my first time attending Fitbloggin’ or any blogging conference for that matter.
To say I am excited would be a huge understatement.

I don’t think there are enough words in my vocabulary to adequately describe how I am feeling about attending this conference; excited, anxious (in a good way), happy, gleeful, nervous (also, in a good way- there are no bad feelings about fitbloggin), excited, excited, excited, super-duper happy,  ridiculously excited, infinitely excited…ok, I think you get the point.
You’re probably thinking right now Dacia, why the heck are you so excited???

Hmmm…let’s see if I can explain

·         Portland- beer, lots of vegan food, hippies, awesomeness

·         A conference based around fitness and activity and supporting each other – is there really anything better? Fitness activities of all types (cross fit, trampolining –yes, I signed up for this class, running, yoga, etc.) planned throughout the day.

·         In between activities I get to attend sessions that address topics that are really important to me; like dealing with the mental challenges of weight loss or comparing yourself to others. Just check out this schedule- you’ll see exactly why I’m so excited

·         Free time in between to socialize. I already have a date setup to go for a run and hit a brewery with one of my most favortest people ever. It’s going to be awesome!

·         Even though I am a small time blogger and don’t really have any desire for that to change I am sure I will still come away from this conference knowing far more about blogging than I would have otherwise.

·         Lastly, and probably the reason I am most excited about fitbloggin, is the fact that I will get to spend four days with a group of people who have helped me throughout my journey almost from day 1. I get to hug them and tell them to their face how much I love them and how thankful I am for having them in my life. I don’t say it nearly enough and I am sure there will be people I miss or don’t get to spend enough time with but my main goal is to make sure every person I see gets a big hug and a really big thank you.

I’m not sure if you can relate this feeling or not but when you change your life and you feel like it was only made possible because you had the support of so many amazing people then you know what it is like to want to do everything possible to make sure they know just how you feel. I hope that my parents, Paul, and local friends all know that I am thankful for them as well. I have the world’s best support system and I hope you all know how much that means to me. Sorry, for the tangent. I am just a very lucky and very grateful person.

·         Oh, did I say beer? Yeah, I cannot wait to go to Rogue and I am sure probably a handful of other local breweries.  “Ah, beer, my one weakness. My Achilles’ heel, if you will.” ~ Homer Simpson

Yes, beer, fitness/running, socializing with friends, eating lots of great vegan food- it’s going to be the best weekend ever!
And in case you were wondering, I am going to modify my triathlon training schedule around this four day trip to Portland. I plan on being as active as possible but without any stress about how I am going to get in a swim or a bike ride. It’s all about balance and I am so excited to spend four days with amazing people who all understand that concept.

So, to some up my thoughts 13 days out...

Fitbloggin' 13 is going to be legend….wait for it…and I hope you’re not vegan because the second half off that word is DAIRY!

*Yeah, I totally stole that (and changed it up a bit) from HIMYM
Sidenote: in case we are meeting at Fitbloggin for the first time let me help you out with something... my name is pronounced Day- sha. Day, like night and day, and sha like as in Marcia or Patricia. The cia makes a sha sound. :)