Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Triathlon Training Week 1 Recap

Last week was the first week of my 8 week triathlon training plan. As you know, it got off to a rough start but thankfully by Wednesday things turned around and I was able to get in most of my training sessions for the week. Actually the only real changes I had to make to the schedule were subbing in a bike ride in place of a swim and moved the order around a bit. As with any training plan, it’s pretty much a great starting point but I always have to shift things around based off my schedule.

Week 1Plan:
Monday- strength
Tuesday- run 30 min
Wednesday- bike 45, strength  
Thursday- swim 20, run 25
Friday- rest
Saturday- run 30 min
Sunday- swim 30, run 30

Total planned  for week 1: 2 strength training sessions, 115 minutes running, 45 minutes biking, 50 minutes swimming

Week 1 Actual:
Monday- rest (aka hiding under a rock)
Tuesday- rest
Wednesday – run 30 min
Thursday – bike 45 minutes, barre class (which I consider strength training)
Friday- bike 20 minutes, run 25 minutes
Saturday – barre class and reformer session for strength training
Sunday- swim 30 minutes, run 60 minutes (I combined Saturday’s run with Sunday’s)

Sweaty mess after Sunday's swim/run session- hit the 5 mile mark at 52 minutes which was very exciting to see :)

Total for week 1: 2 strength training sessions, 115 minutes running, 65 minutes biking, 30 minutes swimming

+20 minutes on the bike, -20 minutes of swimming

Not too bad for week 1, especially since it started off so rough.

And of course, for this week (week 2) I know I will be making some adjustments to the schedule again. I already moved yesterday’s scheduled workout to today because I needed a rest day and I know Saturday morning’s will be barre/reformer sessions for the foreseeable future so I am not sure what that means for my runs that day. I may actually try to squeeze it in beforehand and see how that goes.

Week 2 Plan:
Monday- bike 30 min, run 15 min
Tuesday- strength
Wednesday- swim 15 min, run 30 min
Thursday – run 30 min, strength
Friday- rest
Saturday – run 35 min
Sunday – swim 30 min, bike 30 min

I was pretty excited this morning because after I did my 30 minute bike ride I ran 1.5 miles in 14:34 which is a 1:04 minute improvement from last week. My goal is to be able to run 1.5 miles in 13:30 during the triathlon. That’s what I am working towards at least. Not sure it’s really a great idea to set time goals for the actual triathlon itself but I do like having a goal in mind to work towards.

Hey, if nothing else it should hopefully help me with my running while fatigued.

Have you ever trained for a triathlon? How strictly do you adhere to your training plan?