Thursday, February 5, 2015

Plans and Lists and Lists and Plans

Under normal circumstances I would say that consider myself a planner. I like routine (with a dash of spontaneity) and I like having control of my life where I can – diet, exercise, sleep, etc. I wasn't always this way but it is the person I have become and it is the lifestyle that works best for me.

Now that I have thrown wedding planning into the mix of my normal busy but planned out life things have gotten exponentially crazier with the planning and the lists. It’s a good thing (great thing actually) but I also know I am walking a fine line between being in control of my life and my life controlling me.

I have many google sheets and docs set up in my wedding folder. I have budgets and timelines and to-do lists. I have address files and guest list tallies. Every detail regarding our wedding exists somewhere in this folder and, I think, it’s a good thing. Trust me when I say, I am not trying to overdo or over-plan the details of the wedding. That is not my goal AT ALL. BUT I am trying to make sure our guests have food to eat and some beer to drink and someone to take our pictures. Our end goal is to have a beautiful wedding ceremony followed by an amazing reception/party that is fun and comfortable and represents Erick and I as a couple. And as easy and carefree as I want the party to feel I still need to make sure most everything is planned out in advance in order to do so. It’s a tricky situation.

I am very happy to report that we have crossed off every big item (venues, caterers, music, etc) off of our list and now all that remains are the details…which I am totally not going to lose sleep over. The big decisions are behind us and now we can just relax (relax-ish) and let everything else fall into place.

That being said….I still have a lot of plans and planning left to get me to October 17. One of the things the website ‘The Knot’ (this is what I used to build my timeline from) said to do is to create a fitness and beauty plan. Well, anyone that knows me knows that a beauty plan isn't really my thing but I do plan on making sure I moisturize every day and where sunblock all the time- two things I already do pretty much every day.

The fitness plan, however, was right up my alley. Especially knowing that originally I was thinking of training to run a full marathon in January 2016 and then realizing there is no way I wanted to be running that much (mileage/time) during my wedding and honeymoon time. So I did want to create a new fitness plan that would help keep me working towards different fitness goals throughout the year but that was also realistic to my schedule. It was kind of strange planning out for a whole year but I think it will be good. And of course, I will tweak/change/adapt however I need to help keep me sane J This is what I came up with….

  • January through April- half marathon training (I have two more coming up- 3/1 and 4/12) with spinning, DVDs (loving Les Mills Combat) and Zumba for cross training
  • April-May- Ragnar training. Similar to above but the focus will be on running on tired legs. Like running at night and then again the following morning to help simulate the conditions of a relay race.
  • May-July- PiYo (my goal is to complete the entire program) with cycling as cross training
  • August-October- half marathon training and back to my twice/weekly sessions with my personal trainer
  • October/post wedding I am planning to run two half marathons; Pensacola (November) and Louisiana (January 2016). Both I ran this year and I really want to run both again. 
So that’s the plan. Running, running, running, with cross training thrown in, PiYo and then more running.

I have also set some ‘rules’ to follow throughout the year:
  • Limit processed food intake
  • Limit beer to one (max two) days a week
  • Limit eating out to 2-3 times a week
  • Track daily
  • 30 minutes of activity daily- walking counts!
  • Don’t stress about the wedding!

That’s my plan. I am going to try to stick to it best I can but I understand how tricky it is planning out this far in advance. Things change. I’ll change. Who knows what lies ahead of me but as long as I keep moving forward I will be one happy bride J

Love and hugs,


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