Monday, February 23, 2015

90% Baby Goats

Once in awhile I am Inspired to write something meaningful, maybe even a bit insightful. You get a glimpse of the thoughts in my head or my struggles or even my reaction to my 'victories'. There's depth and meaning. Complete honesty.  I love those posts and I feel proud of myself for having a bit of courage to be able to write openly and of course I feel amazing if something I say encourages, inspires or comforts someone else.

But as you know, this blog is not filled with those posts. Those posts are the 10% that make up MRTG. For the most part my blog is 'fluff' pieces, writing from the surface - what I'm training for and how it's going, what I did over the weekend, wedding plans, puppy life, gardens, etc.

Do you know why? Because this blog is 100% reflective of me. I always write with my authentic voice.

And my authentic voice just happens to be 10% introspective , 90% surface because that is me. In real life.

I am that person that will (sometimes) remember to be encouraging and uplifting and be good friend. But most of the time I am baby goats and fluffy puppies. That's just who I am.

Would I like to have a blog where it is 100% inspirational/introspective posts? Of course. But in order to do so I would only be able to write every few months. Because I am just not that person with a mind filled with deep thoughts. They don't consume me. Posts like that just happen randomly, I can't force them.

And maybe that blog (that would be comprised of 5-10 great posts a year) would be better than what I have now. I'm sure of it actually.

It might even be great.

But it wouldn't be me. Not fully, at least. And that is not what I want. I want to be 100% Dacia all the time, fluffy puppies and super cute baby goats and all that jazz. I want to be true and authentic and write what is me...even if it's not great. Even if it is mediocre at best. I may never conquer the interwebs or become a household name (for those few houses discussing bloggers over dinner) but at least I know I have stayed true to myself and my voice. Whatever that my be.

Don't get me wrong, I love the inspirational stuff. The posts that leave you questioning life or your path or push you to kick ass and take names. They are the shit. But honestly though, couldn't we all use a bit more baby goats???

Love and hugs,


Best baby goat video of all time....