Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Going to Fitbloggin'

Oh sweet baby goats! Fitbloggin’ is just around the corner and man, am I excited.

Last year I attended my first Fitbloggin’ conference (my first blogging conference period) and it was life changing. I know, you may be thinking that I am over exaggerating but I am not. That weekend, those people, what I learned (about myself and others and life) really shifted my perspective.

I mean look here- at my first post after the conference. I wrote that on the plane ride home and it perfectly captured how I felt (and still feel) afterwards.

It was amazing.

And in a week I get to do it all again.

And I know it will be awesome. Even though it truly sucks that some of my favorite people won’t be attending this year’s conference I am super excited to see both old friends and new and meet some more fantabulous people face to face for the first time.

It’s going to be ahhhhhhhh-mazing! Legendary, even.

Now last year, I was super excited about attending my first fitbloggin because I knew it would be such an incredible experience but also because it was held in Portland. In case you didn’t know, Portland is pretty much filled with all things vegan and home to like a billion amazing craft breweries. I was in heaven. I ate all the food and drank all the beer.  Which of course made my experience even more memorable ;)

This year, Fitbloggin is in Savannah, GA. I’ve been there once (twice if you count a quick two day stop) but living in the south I know what to expect.  And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just know that life in Savannah is different than life in Portland.  There won’t be amazing vegan treats at every other storefront and too many breweries to visit in one trip.  (Yeah, Portland was awesome) BUT, there will be ghost tours, and amazing historic neighborhoods, and of course there will still be awesome foods (all the non-vegans will be in heaven) and there will be craft beers. Trust me, I am already planning out all the restaurants and breweries and bars I want to visit.

AND more importantly than all the eating and drinking (yes, I did just type that) there will be amazing group sessions and workouts and a million laughs (and knowing me, some tears) and so many of the best hugs you could ever receive. And it will be awesome.

I cannot wait to see my roomies, my friends, Roni (who is just amazing to watch in action) and create so many amazing memories.

And on that note- it appears that we will be ghost touring in style in a double decker hearse. BOOM! That’s just how we roll!

Man, where is my fast forward button? Can it just be June 25th already????

Some of my favorite pics from last year...
My favourite Brit, Sarah
I'm going to miss Dani soooo much. Thankful we got to see each other in February! 
Even if I explained it, it wouldn't make sense...
I am coming for more hugs, Steve!

Fitbloggin' won't be the same without Erika!
Love and hugs,