Monday, June 16, 2014

FMM: Sports Talk

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1.       Are you following the World Cup? If so, which team are you cheering for?

Yes, I am. Or at least trying to catch coverage whenever I can. I am rooting for Italy (sorry Sarah) and, of course, USA.

2.       What is your favorite sport to watch either on TV or in person?

I love to watch pretty much anything, especially if it’s live. But I would have to say my two favorites would be hockey and baseball.

3.       Which local team (regardless of sport) do you support?

Pensacola is a small town so we don’t have any major league teams but we do have a minor league (SPHL) hockey team, the Ice Flyers, and they are awesome. They just won back to back Presidents Cup (their version of the Stanley) and I was fortunate enough to be able to drive up to Columbus, GA with E to watch them win the cup. It was pretty awesome.

4.       What is your favorite sport to play?

Although it has been awhile, I would have to say tennis is my favorite sport to play.

5.       Were you ever in a sport team?

Yes, I did. I played tennis, basketball, softball and soccer (for a very short bit) and was also on the track and field team.

6.       Have you ever traveled a long distance to see your team play?

Yes. Just this year I flew to Nashville to go to a Preds game, drove to Sarasota and Clearwater to see the Phillies in spring training, drove to Tampa for a Lightning game. I also attended two Ducks games in Anaheim, a Phillies game in Philadelphia, and (as I stated above) drove to Columbus, GA for an Ice Flyers game.  I’ve also seen a Red Sox game in Toronto, a Phillies game at Dodger stadium and endured football games in Buffalo during the winter to name a few.  Yeah, I love to watch live sports.

7.       Do you have a favorite stadium/sport venue you have been to?

I really liked Fenway and the Tampa Bay Times Forum but my favorite stadium hands down is Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

8.       What is your favorite food you associate with sporting events?

Soft pretzels. Nom! And before I was a vegan, hot dogs.

9.       Do you have a favorite sporting song?

The Ice Flyers play Chelsea Dagger as their goal song (same as the Blackhawks) which I liked long before it became a hockey song. Also, my high school fight song. It will always be my favorite. It was so funny.  I still remember it to this day.

10.   Is there a sporting event you would like to go to in another country?

Sure, I would love to go to any sporting event abroad but if I had to pick one- the Tour. Even after all the bs with Lance and all the others, the drugs, the doping, all the scandal, I would still want to go and watch the Tour de France.


Happy Monday!

Love and hugs,