Monday, February 10, 2014

Messages and Mantras

The little tags on my tea bags this morning had the following messages…

Live in your strength

Let your heart guide you

Hmmmm…is the universe speaking to me through tea bag messages? I think so!

These are great mantras to focus on as I transition into another week of activity (my first real personal training session EEK!), healthy eating, and happy living.

 It’s also Valentine’s Day week which makes the second message even more special. I would tell you all about the amazing plans I have for next Saturday but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for E, in case he is reading. I am doubly excited for our big V day plans Friday even though I don’t know much about them since E has kept his plans under wraps as well. No matter what we end up doing I know it will be another amazing weekend!

That’s about all I have for today but before I go I wanted to share this picture from our night out at Hot Glass Cold Brew at the FirstCity Art Center last Friday. At the studio they had a ‘Before I Die’ wall- giant chalkboards filled with ‘before I die’ with a blank space after for people to write in their message. We got there a little late so the board was already filled. E wrote one anyway. This was his post.

 "Before I die I want to lasso the moon for you!"

Yeah, that may have been the sweetest thing to ever happen in my life. I was crying when I saw what he wrote. In case you don’t know the reference, it is from “It’s a Wonderful Life” which is one of my favorite movies. Back in December E and I actually went and saw the play together and then proceeded to watch the movie. His message totally melted my heart. I’m one lucky girl!

Happy, happy Monday!

Love and hugs,

P.S. In case you were wondering, the tea was Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy from Yogi Tea ;)