Monday, February 24, 2014

FMM: Randomly Getting to Know You

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Randomly Getting to Know You

1) Introduce yourself in under 10 words.

Beer drinking, tree hugging, slow running, cupcake loving, vegan :)

2) How did you find Friend Makin' Mondays?

When I first started blogging three years ago I was looking for support. I scoured the interwebs for other bloggers writing about weight loss and Kenlie's blog was one of, if not the, first one I found. I have been reading ever since. I don't always participate in FMM but I certainly enjoy reading the questions and responses every week!

3) Have you ever met any of your blog readers?
Yes! First of all my parents, bf, and close friends all read it so obviously I have met them. But in addition to them, I have met a bunch of fellow bloggers in my travels and at Fitbloggin'. It's pretty awesome!
4) How many states have you visited?
This is a tough one. Let's see; Maine, NH, VT, Mass, Conn, RI, NY, NJ, PA, DE, WV, VA, MD, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS (that's Mississippi, right?), LA, TX, AZ, CA, OR, WA, MN, IL, OH, TN, AR (Arkansas?), NV, CO, and KY. So, 33 states. Sorry middle U.S., I am more of a coastal girl ;)
5) What did you have for lunch yesterday?
E and I went out to lunch yesterday with his sister and 3 year old niece. We went to Ruby Tuesday. I had salad from the salad bar alongside my trio of side dishes; green beans, zucchini and a plain baked potato. It was pretty good. I ate it all :)
6) How many different places have you lived in?
I have lived in 9 states- PA, NJ, DE, MD, OH, FL, TX, WA, and CA- and in those 9 states I have lived in a bunch of different places/cities. I'll spare you the details. I have moved around quite a bit.

7) What's your favorite color?

I am not sure I have one true favorite. I really like red, blue and green. And yellow ;)

8) Do you have any pets?
I used to have two of the most amazing doggies; Ruby and Maggie. I was truly lucky to have had them for as long as I did. They were the best and I miss them every day :(


9) What would your ideal job be?
If I could swing it I would love to run an animal sanctuary for both pets and farm animals. Or possibly just become an organic farmer that also raises farm animals. Or I would want to own a bar in Philly. Any of those would work ;)
10) Do you have any tattoos?
Yes, I do. Nine of them, actually. This one is my favorite. It's not a great picture because you can't see the whole thing. The tattoo is a tree and it appears at a distance that the leaves are being blown off the branches but really they are birds, not leaves, flying away. The birds go all the way back towards my spine. I love it. It's very symbolic. 

Trying my best to look tough...LOL!      
Love and hugs,
P.S. I have no idea what is up with the formatting of this post. I tried to fix it to no avail. Hopefully it is not too hard to read. Sorry.