Friday, August 31, 2012

Training: Week 8

Sunday begins week 8 of my half marathon training schedule but since I am not sure how much writing I will be able to do between now and then I thought I would take this opportunity to share next week’s training schedule with you today.
Since I have decided to continue my training after the half marathon in order to run the Austin marathon in February my current training schedule is a hybrid of a half marathon training plan and full marathon training plan. It took someone monkeying around but I finally was able to come up with a training schedule that I think will work out nicely.
My normal training week now consists of four days running, 1-2 days cross training, and 1-2 days rest. My shorter runs are scheduled during the week and my longer run is typically scheduled on Saturdays. However, for this week, September 2nd through the 8th (freaking crazy that tomorrow is September 1st!!!) there is technically no long run on the books because I will be running in the Alamo City Beer Challenge- Mission Possible 10K which is actually on Sunday the 9th. So as it stands I only have three runs on the schedule this week.
Sunday: Cross-training - our normal Sunday bike ride which is about 25-35 miles depending
Monday: SARR Whine Run 5 Miler - since this race is at 8am opposed to my last 5 miler which was at 630p I am hoping to finish in a much better time
Tuesday: Intervals. Yay for speed work at the track
Wednesday: Cross-training day so I am going to hot Vinyasa yoga with my favorite person, Tricia J
Thursday: 3 mile tempo run. I really am going to try and do this run in 30 minutes, that’s my goal
Friday: my normal rest day before my long runs but as I mentioned above my long run isn’t until Sunday so I will be hitting the pool Friday morning
Saturday: rest day. Well that’s the plan. I may end up trying to get in a bike ride since I will be missing my normal ride on Sunday. We’ll see.
I am hoping that going forward I will also be able to include my meal plan in these posts as well but I haven’t finalized it as of yet. So if you have any yummy (vegan friendly) snack or dinner ideas I would love hear them!  I am a self-proclaimed creature of habit but I am ready to switch it up for September so I welcome your feedback!
Tomorrow I am hitting the trails for a nine mile run. I’ll be on the same trail I have been running on the past few weeks but tomorrow I won’t be running on that slippery boardwalk J To help prepare for my long run I opted for a sandwich today instead of my normal salad for lunch.  A hummus, avocado, and veggie sandwich on a plain carb-filled bagel. It was quite yummy. Paul and I are planning on a low-key night in tonight, probably watching Prison Break, so hopefully I will be well rested in the AM.
Wish me luck; going for a new long distance tomorrow and yep, I am quite nervous and excited.
What are you doing this week/weekend? Are you training for something or just being active for the fun of it?
Happy Labor Day- have a fun and safe weekend!
"That's the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is."  -Kara Goucher