Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Favorite Tuesday Hangout

When I made the decision to train for the half marathon this upcoming November I told Paul that I would need to see Tricia, my Thai Yoga therapy practitioner, at least twice a month.   I knew that one of the best ways for me to stay healthy and injury-free throughout my training was to attend regular Thai yoga sessions. My logic is if I am about to push my body harder than I ever had before then I better take every opportunity available to help it recover as best it can.
Thai yoga is great. I think of it as a trip to the yoga studio, the spa (for a massage) and chiropractor all rolled into one.  I found this great website about Thai massage that has a couple slideshows. If you have a minute go check out the site and you will get a better understanding of what my sessions with Tricia are like.
Other than the fact that it makes me feel great afterwards there are many benefits to Thai yoga therapy.
Jongkrak's Thai Massage Academy website lists them as such:
Physical Benefits of Thai Massage
• Help detoxification of the body and boost immune system
• Increase blood circulation, lower blood pressure
• Good for muscle relaxation, increase flexibility in your muscles, increase mobility
• Improve breathing
• Improves posture, balance, corrects body alignments and dissolves energy blockages
• Improves athletic performance
• Help arthritis and back pain,
• Help tone the body, strengthen joints and fight diseases, including chronic joint problems
• Prevents illnesses and alleviates degenerative diseases
• Slows the aging process

Mental Benefits of Thai Massage
• Improve your outlook towards life; builds an emotional balance
• Help with concentration and creativity/ Mind and body concentration
• Clear and calm your mind
• Help you gain mental clarity

Psychological effects of Thai Massage
• Reduce and relieve stress and anxiety
• Help people boost their inner energy levels
• Develop discipline and self-control
• Achieve better health, increases health and vitality.
• Raise the energy level and stamina
• Build internal power (and creates a natural confidence)

Jongkrak’s Thai Massage Academy. (n.d.) The Benefits of Thai Massage. Retrieved from
Even if you aren’t a runner wouldn’t you love to experience those same benefits?
Really, I can’t say enough about how much I love Thai. I started going to Tricia about a year ago and I attribute these sessions to helping with my weight loss, my physical strengthening and growth athletically, and my ability to continually push myself and remain injury free.
Thai isn’t just for athletes either. Tricia works with clients who have health issues that limit their mobility as well as clients rehabbing from injuries. If my parents lived here I would sign them both up for weekly appointments J
I hope that you take the time to look into Thai Yoga therapy and see if you can find someone near you to meet with. If you are in the San Antonio area I highly recommend Tricia and will gladly provide you with her contact info. But if you don’t have access to someone like her make sure you find ways to  pamper your body. It deserves it!

“Yoga is the fountain of youth.  You're only as young as your spine is flexible.”  ~Bob Harper