Monday, August 24, 2015

WW Weekly Weigh-In Week 6 Recap

As you may or may not have seen me post already on FB- I have a little streak going. Today marks day 25 of tracking using the Weight Watchers app. I recommitted to Weight Watchers 6 weeks ago today and in those six weeks I have only skipped one day tracking and that was the day I stayed home sick from work. I don’t know about you but when it comes to tracking, whether it be points or calories or just logging my food items, I definitely struggle with tracking while sick and tracking on the weekends. I am happy to report I have yet to skip out tracking on the weekends- which is an amazing personal accomplishment. Weekends are hard because a) I tend to eat out b) I tend to eat out at non-chain restaurants c) I tend to eat random vegan dishes in which I cannot find comparable listings in the WW app d) I have a hard time judging quantities of said random vegan dishes. This go-around I have just been better at trying to estimate the portion sizes and break my meals down by ingredients. No, I have no idea how much oil is used to cook it in or exactly each component but I know enough to guess. So that’s what I do. And to me, guessing is better than avoiding. That’s what I sued to do. I was queen of the weekday tracking and then I would just skip over the weekends. This time, I am more focused and more diligent and so I am making every effort possible to be better with the tracking.

Mondays happen whether we want them to or not- this shirt was perfect for how I felt this morning

This week went pretty well. As I noted, I tracked every day. I limited my drinking to one beer on Tuesday (at Trivia night) and I had two beers Saturday (beach day plus a concert). I finished up Cize week 3 which was definitely the hardest week/routines so far. This week is the last week of the program and it is a recap of all 6 routines I learned over the last three weeks. I started week 4 yesterday and am now through 2 of the 6 routines. I cannot believe I only have 4 more days left until I finish the program. This will be my first time every completing an entire at home DVD program. But honestly this one has been great. I really love this program so much so I wake up every morning ready to dance. I haven’t enjoyed something as much as I do this is a long time. And I have never enjoyed an at-home program enough to stick with it- so that’s saying something. I actually signed up for the Cize Live instructor workshop so that way I can teach Cize locally. This is my first real foray into becoming a fitness instructor so I am nervous but I feel good about it. I think this could be a great move for me.

Cize in the morning to complete week 3 then an afternoon on the beach- it's all about balance! 

I still can't believe this is where I live!!!

This week I saw another loss on the scale. I was down 1.4 pounds bringing my weight to 172 pounds which is a total loss of 10 pounds in 6 weeks. Not only did I earn a second 5 pound lost star, I also hit my 5% weight loss mark having lost (and exceeded) five percent of my starting weight. This also means that I have reached my first weight loss goal of reaching 173 by 8/29. Of course, I could gain this week and be above 173 come this Saturday but hopefully that won’t happen. I am hoping to at least maintain this week and be at the weight I wanted to be at for my first dress fitting. 

Disregard that body fat %- you cannot get anything close to accurate of a BF reading from a scale.

Feeling comfortable in my jeans again. Size 29 Lucky Brand Sweet and Low back into the wardrobe. 

In order to do so I have some goals set for this week to keep me focused and they are:

1.       Track every day
2.       Finish Cize week 4
3.       Log 85K (or more) steps for the week- not even a day and a half in and I am ~25K steps in J
4.       Training session with M for the Kids Marathon
5.       Sunday evening –Saturday morning no eating out (birthday cupcake on Tuesday is ok)
6.       No drinking until after dress fitting

So there you have it-my week 6 results and week 7 game plan. I will check in with you next week and let you know how it goes.

Do you have any goals for the week? Do you track or log your food? 

Love and hugs,