Monday, August 17, 2015

WW Weekly Weigh-In Week 5 Recap

It’s time to bring back the weekly weigh in posts. As I have discussed here and here, I am back at Weight Watchers again after a 3+ year hiatus. No, it’s not perfect. But it is what I need right now. And back in the day, back when I lost over 100 pounds on WW, I was blogging my weekly weigh in results. That was so long ago, though, that the blog I am talking about doesn’t even exist anymore. That was two blog domains ago. LOL.

But keeping with the spirit of things and trying to get back into the weight loss game I am resurrecting the weekly weigh in posts. Why? Because I need to keep myself accountable. I also need to rely on the things in the past that helped me be successful the first go-around.

This time, however, I am hoping it isn’t much longer before I am back in my happy weight range. My wedding day would be a nice time to be back to the point where I am feeling comfortable in my skin again. That really is the one day I would like to not be concerned about how my dress is fitting or what is jiggling or spilling over or rubbing me weird or any of that stuff. My goal is just to be comfortable in my dress so I can relax and have fun.

That date…is two months from today.


So here are my current weight loss goals that I am working towards

#1 Get to 173 by 8/29

This is the weight I was at when I bought my wedding dress and 8/29 is my first dress fitting. When I bought the dress it fit great, although there was a little back fat issues happening but other than that, I loved it. I felt so comfortable in that dress- which was the deciding factor in the purchase. That and it is stunning….

#2 Get to 166 by ??? 

No real date for this one but this is the top of my healthy range so I would like to be here, or below, I guess by 10/17 or maybe even by my second dress (if I need one- not sure how that all works)

#3 Hit 161 by ??? 

Again, no date here but my healthy range is 156-166 so I would like to hit the mid-point again this year and then go into next year focused on maintaining.

OK, so for #2 and #3 I probably should assign dates because that is the ‘T’ in SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) goals. So let’s say 166 by 10/17/15 and 161 (or below) by 12/31. Now my three weight loss goals all fit into the SMART goal setting method.

I also have another goal I am currently working towards which not exactly a weight loss goal. 

#4 Complete Cize by 8/29

I just started week 3 this morning and am happy to report I have not missed a day yet. Why? Because I love it so much. I happily get out of bed every morning before the sun comes up to dance with Shaun T. What’s even crazier is that I don’t want to stop. I will spend close to an hour every day doing what could be done in 30-40 minutes just because I love to keep practicing. It is really the best program I have ever tried. 

Now…as for my weigh in days. Well those are on Saturday and I rarely blog during the weekend. So, look for posts on Monday or Tuesday for my weekly recap. But for now, let me catch you up to speed since I am starting this series already through week 5. 

Since rejoining WW on 7/11/2015 I am down 8.6 pounds.

My previous weeks looked like this:

7/18 180.6 (-1.4 lbs)
7/25 178.0 (-2.6 lbs)
8/1 178.8 (+0.8 lbs)
8/8 176.2  (-2.6 lbs)

And then this week…

8/15 173.4 (-2.8 lbs) which brings my weekly average loss to just over 1.7 pounds and it brings weight loss goal one just within my reach.

I would love to lose another pound over the next two weeks and make my first goal a reality. I know finishing the next two weeks of Cize will definitely help.

Also, going forward I do plan to write more about my weekly plans and whether or not I achieved them so I will start with this week.

I have my breakfasts and lunches for M-F planned out as well as my dinner M-Th. I know that E and I are going out for trivia Tuesday night so I am planning on having one beer there. But I don’t plan on drinking any other time this week, meaning Saturday through Friday. Friday night dinner is not planned yet but I am hoping to make dinner at home since I know Saturday we will be eating out and drinking (going to a concert) and then Sunday is our day with our Little Brother which will involve lunch out and going to the movies. So I want to make sure I am balancing out my eating and staying within the 20% of my 80/20 rule.

My dinners this week- pre cooking....

For activity I have two goals this week: complete week 3 of Cize and best my step count from last week (exceed 82K steps)- which will be difficult since we have rain in the forecast every day this week. But I set a goal so I will just need to figure out a plan to make it happen- with or without the rain.

These past couple weeks have been made easier by the ladies actively participating in my FB group (link here if you'd like to join). I love having a group of women that openly share their struggles and encourage and support each other on our journeys. It is very helpful for me, that’s for sure.

Ok, this quick recap quickly spiraled into a short story so I will end it here…

Until next week

Love and hugs,