Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fitbloggin' 2015: Soybu Fashion Show

A few weeks before Fitbloggin’ I was asked if I would want to participate in the lunch time fashion show during the conference. This year the sponsor would be Soybu which meant I would get to don an awesome outfit from them. I, of course, said yes because….FREE CLOTHES! Even if it meant I had to walk a catwalk in front of a few hundred people, it was worth the anxiety and nerves and possible embarrassment.

Abby at Soybu sent us out our outfits ahead of time so that way we could try them on and let them know of any size adjustments before we arrived in Denver. A few days before I left for Denver I hadn’t yet received my outfit. I reached out to Heather (who was also participating in the fashion show) to see if she got hers. She had. It was a maxi skirt and a shirt. If you know me in real life, then you know I wear maxi skirts almost every day. I refer to them, lovingly, as crotchless yoga pants. They are my jam. Anywho, after hearing Heather received a maxi skirt I was pretty excited. And I was feeling much less nervous about the show because if I was going to be wearing clothes that I am used to/comfortable wearing then it would be no big deal.

Ha! I was sooooo wrong. The day before I left for Denver my outfit arrived. It was not a maxi skirt…not even close. It was three pieces:

*photos courtesy of the Soybu website

What you might not be able to see clearly from the picture is that the tank is mesh in the front. I would be wearing that and a sports bra and nothing else on my torso. Talk about stepping outside of my comfort zone. Not only would I be participating in a fashion show, I would be doing so half naked. Ok, not really half naked but much more exposed than my normal workout gear. BUT if there was ever a time and place to break out of my comfort zone it is Fitbloggin’. I knew no matter how I looked or what happened on the stage my FB family would be in that audience cheering me on.

*photos courtesy of Fitbloggin'/CarrieD Photography 

So, I did it. Even when every fiber of my being wanted to back out or ask for a different outfit, I did it. And because I wanted to share this with E (and with you too, of course) I asked my friend Dre to video it for me. So…here it goes. My two minutes of modeling. 

I cannot tell you how much fun this was. I am so so so happy that I took a chance and tried something I would normally have said no to doing. This fashion show was a big step for me. I mean, I have gotten pretty good about wearing tank tops and bikinis and other 'revealing' clothing when I am out on the beach or around town because I live in Florida. I mean, I really don't have a choice. It's freaking hot here. But to strut my stuff on the catwalk having all eyes from the audience on me,  wearing something quasi-revealing and then show off my sports bra...yeah, that was totally a new feeling for me. Like I said on the video- I felt empowered. I really did. I was on cloud 9 all weekend because that moment left me feeling like such a badass. Plus I got alot of compliments on my booty so that made me feel great. Trust me, the cut and style of the capris helped to optimize my booty. I am definitely a huge fan of Soybu now! 

And because Soybu is such an amazing company they have given me a discount code to extend to my readers. Isn't that awesome??? 

  • Code: Roots15
  • Expiration: July 31, 2015
  • Offer: 25% OFF entire order

Soybu has a varied product line (swim, yoga, lounge, accessories, etc) for women, men, plus and girls. The quality and comfort is top notch. You know I would not be recommending them to you if it wasn't. I even reached out to them to see if they would offer a discount code for you just because I love their product so much! 

I hope you will check them out (soybu dot com) and if you do, be sure to let me know what you think! 

Love and hugs,