Tuesday, September 30, 2014

HM Training: Week 4 Recap Plus

Last week was week four of half marathon training and it went extremely well. Knocks on wood, in fear of jinxing myself

And, since last week was a higher mileage week this week’s mileage is cut wayyyy back. It’s nice that it is Tuesday and I only have one training run left for week 5. Only one long run before I am halfway through this training plan. Crazy!

Let’s recap week four, shall we…


Planned - 3 miles @ 12:47 pace

                Actual - 3 miles @ 12:24 pace


Planned -  6 miles (4 @ HMP 11:27)

Actual – 6 miles @ 11:16 pace (11:37, 11:16, 11:08, 11:06, 10:55, 11:33)


                Planned – 2 miles @12:47 pace

                Actual – 2 miles @ 12:15 pace


                Planned – 10 miles @12:47 pace

Actual – 11 miles @11:58 pace (I maintained a comfortable pace the entire run and these were the results: 12:04, 12:07, 12:07, 12:03, 11:57, 11:55, 11:41, 11:57, 11:52, 11:55, and 12:04)

Total: 22 miles – a 10% increase from the previous week :)

I am heading out of town tomorrow which means more of me trying to fit in training while traveling. I actually have two back to back trips; Austin for the Austin City Limits music festival/San Antonio to visit friends and then two days later I am headed to NY for four days. Thankfully these are my last trips before the half so once I return, four weeks out from race day, I will have a decent chunk of time to adjust back to my normal training schedule.

But in the meantime, I know I probably won’t be posting much if anything for the next few weeks so I am going to give you my training plan for week 5 and 6 here and then once I am back from NY I will do a full recap.

Week 5


                Planned – 4 miles @ 12:40 pace

                Actual – 4 miles @ 12:29 pace


                Planned – 3 miles @ 12:40 pace

                Actual – 3 miles @ 12:10 pace

Thursday (hopefully, if not then I will aim for Saturday) - 9 miles @ 12:40 pace


Week 6

Monday or Tuesday (depending on how I feel) – 2 miles @ 12:40 pace

Wednesday – 5 miles (3 @ HMP 11:27)

Thursday – 2 miles @ 12:40 pace (maybe the Brooklyn Bridge?)

Saturday – 13 miles @ 12:40 pace (hopefully through Central Park)

That’s about it for now. I am super excited for the next two weeks and a much needed vacation. It may seem like I travel a lot, which I kind of have been lately, but my last trip was for work. Actually quite a few of my trips this year were for work. And even though I was still able to see friends and do a lot of cool things my focus was still work. For these two trips I am disconnecting from work (and at least for this week, school) and I am just going to sit back and enjoy my vacation without any distractions. I am super excited to head back to Texas, to see some of the most amazing people I know and go to ACL for the third time. And even more so, I am excited to do it all with E!

Love and hugs,



P.S. Here's a sneak peek of our soon to be newest family member... CHARLIE!